Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

NTIS order #PB89-209985

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Table of Contents ~5K

1: Introduction and Overview ~17K
2: Sources and Nature of Fields and Exposure ~374K
3: Cellular Level Experiments ~95K
4: Whole Animal Experiments ~80K
5: Comparing Laboratory and Human Exposures ~33K
6: Cancer and Electromagnetic Fields: Epidemiological Studies ~50K
7: General Conclusions About Biological Effects of ELF Fields and Their Implication ~11K
8: Major Programs and Funding Levels for ELF Bioeffects Research ~42K
9: Regulatory Activity and Exposure Standards ~7K
10: Policy Implications ~42K
References ~686K
Endnotes ~44K
References to Endnotes ~8K
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