Rural Emergency Medical Services

NTIS order #PB90-159047

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Full Report ~2612K
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Table of Contents ~10K

1: Summary and Policy Options ~128K
2: Definition of Terms ~55K
3: The Demand for EMS Services in Rural Areas ~234K
4: EMS in a Rural Context ~620K
5: Emergency Cardiac and Trauma Care in Rural Areas ~367K
6: Federal Policies Toward State Emergency Medical Services ~480K

A: Rural EMS Workshop Participants ~5K
B: Designing an Appropriate EMS System in Rural Areas: Use of a Computer Simulation Model ~41K
C: Trauma Service Designation Guidelines of the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Emerging Physicians ~111K
D: Oregon Trauma Systems Summary and Hospital Resource Criteria ~358K
E: Trauma Care/EMS Legislation Introduced During the 101st Congressional Session ~22K
References ~244K