Benefit Design in Health Care Reform: Clinical Preventive Services

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1: Summary and Policy Options ~230K
2: Overview of the Issues ~125K
3: Evidence on the Effectiveness of a Select Group of Clinical Preventive Services ~204K
4: The Role of Costs in Benefit Design Decisions ~518K

A: Overview of OTA Assessment: ... ~54K
B: Method of the Study ~44K
C: Acknowledgments ~44K
D: Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms ~88K
E: Current Coverage of Clinical Preventive Health Care Services in ... ~128K
F: Synthesizing and Assessing the Evidence and Determining Practice Policies ~77K
G: Summary of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force... ~237K
H: Preventive Services in Health Care Reform Proposals ... ~54K
References ~113K
Index ~51K