Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the United States

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1: Summary, Issues, and Options ~734K
2: The Consequences of Harmful Non-Indigenous Species ~519K
3: The Changing Numbers, Causes, and Rates of Introductions ~505K
4: The Application of Decisionmaking Methods ~539K
5: Technologies for Preventing and Managing Problems ~354K
6: A Primer on Federal Policy ~654K
7: State and Local Approaches From a National Perspective ~553K
8: Two Case Studies: Non-Indigeneous Species in Hawaii and Florida ~556K
9: Genetically Engineered Organisms as a Special Case ~339K
10: The context of the Future: International Law and Global Change ~360K

A: List of Boxes, Figures, and Tables ~94K
B: Authors, Workshop Participants, Reviewers, and Survey Respondents ~116K
C: References ~1640K
Index to Common and Scientific Names of Species ~1135K
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