The Future of Remote Sensing From Space: Civilian Satellite Systems and Applications

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Full Report ~4389K
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Acknowledgements ~80K
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Table of Contents ~99K

1: Introduction ~275K
2: Remote Sensing and the U.S. Future in Space ~668K
3: Weather and Climate Observations ~246K
4: Surface Remote Sensing ~361K
5: Global Change Research ~469K
6: Military Uses of Civilian Remotely Sensed Data ~163K
7: The Role of the Private Sector ~152K
8: International Cooperation and Competition ~555K

A: Research and the Earth Observing System ~326K
B: The Future of Earth Remote Sensing Technologies ~846K
C: Military Uses of Civilian Remote sensing Data ~685K
D: Non-U.S. Earth Observation Satellite Programs ~390K
E: Glossary of Acronyms ~94K
Index ~104K