Defensive Medicine and Medical Malpractice

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Full Report ~4268K
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Table of Contents ~107K

1: Findings and Policy Options ~417K
2: Defensive Medicine: Definition and Causes ~601K
3: Summary of the Evidence on Defensive Medicine ~1097K
4: Impact of Malpractice Reform on Defensive Medicine ~523K

A: Method of Study ~129K
B: Acknowledgments ~93K
C: The Impact of Nonclinical Factors on Physicians' Use of Resources ~93K
D: Methods Used in the OTA Clinical Scenario Surveys ~477K
E: Detailed Results of the OTA Clinical Scenario Surveys ~589K
F: Estimates of the Costs of Selected Defensive Medical Procedures ~241K
G: Summary of State Studies on Tort Reforms ~307K
H: Clinical Practice Guidelines and Malpractice Liability ~260K
I: Description of 32 Direct Physician Surveys of Defensive Medicine Reviewed by OTA ~198K
J: Detailed Critique of Reynolds et al. and Lewin-VHI Estimates ~197K
K: Glossary ~108K
References ~161K
Index ~106K