Preventing Illness and Injury in the Workplace

NTIS order #PB86-115334

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Full Report ~9550K
Front Matter ~52K
Table of Contents ~5K

1: Summary and Options ~134K
2: Data on Occupational Injuries and Illnesses ~345K
3: Health Hazard Identification ~291K
4: Safety Hazard Identification ~130K
5: Technologies for Controlling Work-Related Illness ~305K
6: Technologies for Controlling Work-Related Injuries ~243K
7: Ergonomics and Human Factors ~963K
8: Personal Protective Equipment ~579K
9: Hierarchy of Controls ~366K
10: Training and Education for Preventing Work-Related Injury and Illness ~794K
11: A Short History of Private and Public Activities ~479K
12: Governmental Activities Concerning Worker Health and Safety ~1136K
13: Assessment of OSHA and NIOSH Activities ~118K
14: Decisionmaking for Occupational Safety and Health: The Uses and Limits of Analysis ~142K
15: Incentives, Imperatives, and the Decision to Control ~871K
16: Economic Incentives, Reindustrialization, and Federal Assistance for Occupational Safety and Health ~363K
17: Preventing Work-Related Injury and Illness in the Future ~189K

A: Supplemental Information on OSHA and NIOSH ~1070K
B: Working Papers ~11K
C: Acknowledgments and Health Program Advisory Committee ~22K
D: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~34K
References ~1040K
Index ~231K