Ocean Incineration: Its Role in Managing Hazardous Waste

NTIS order #PB87-100327

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1: Findings and Policy Options ~839K
2: Shaping an Ocean Incineration Program: Key Policy Issues ~179K
3: Incinerable Hazardous Waste: Characteristics and Inventory ~2450K
4: Current and Emerging Management and Disposal Technologies for Incinerable Hazardous Wastes ~185K
5: Current Land-Based Incineration Technologies ~346K
6: Ocean Incineration Technology ~155K
7: Comparison of Land-Based and Ocean Incineration Technologies ~141K
8: Environmental Releases From Ocean Incineration ~441K
9: Comparison of Risks Posed by Land-Based and Ocean Incineration ~125K
10: Overview of Federal Laws and Regulations Governing Incineration ~52K
11: History of U.S. Ocean Incineration ~446K
12: The Regulation and Use of Ocean Incineration by Other Nations ~104K
References ~162K
Acronyms and Abbreviations ~9K
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