The Regulatory Environment for Science

NTIS order #PB86-182003

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Full Report ~2140K
Front Matter ~26K
Table of Contents ~11K

1: Executive Summary ~93K
2: Historical and Political Context for Regulation of Research ~376K
3: Social and Political Rationales for Controls on Research ~320K
4: The Mechanisms for Direct Control of Research ~461K
5: Mechanisms for Indirect Control of Research ~174K
6: Institutional Differences ~97K
7: Community Control of Research: Two Case Studies ~187K
8: Research Policy Issues That May Warrant Congressional Attention in the Future ~110K

A: The Regulatory Environment for Science ~34K
B: Public Attitudes Toward Science ~96K
C: Environmental Concerns and Laboratory Siting: The Morris Township-Bellcore Case ~47K
References ~203K