Advanced Materials by Design

NTIS order #PB88-243548

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Full Report ~7274K
Front Matter ~30K
Table of Contents ~4K
Overview ~466K

1: Executive Summary ~617K
2: Ceramics ~1264K
3: Polymer Matrix Composites ~1109K
4: Metal Matrix Composites ~721K
5: Factors Affecting the Use of Advanced Materials ~277K
6: Impacts of Materials Substitution on the Basic Metals Industries ~274K
7: Case Study: Polymer Matrix Composites in Automobiles ~1074K
8: Industrial Criteria for Investment ~150K
9: International Business Trends ~394K
10: Collaborative Research and Development: A Solution? ~132K
11: The Military Role in Advanced Materials Development ~200K
12: Policy Issues and Options ~147K

A: Contractors and Workshop Participants ~384K
B: Glossary ~41K
Index ~169K