Confused Minds, Burdened Families: Finding Help for People With Alzheimer's and Other Dementias

NTIS order #PB90-259540

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Table of Contents ~4K

1: Summary and Overview ~1934K
Part I: Considerations in Developing an Effective System for Linking People With Dementia to Services ~1K
2: The Need for Public Education and Information and Referral ~1308K
3: The Need for Outreach and Case Management ~465K
4: Questions That Arise in Making Decisions About Services ~792K
5: Concerns About the Quality and Appropriateness of Services ~629K
6: Linking Veterans with Dementia to VA and Non-VA Services ~240K
Part II: Possible Approaches to Linking People with Dementia to Services ~2K
7: State Programs and State and Community Service Systems That Link People to Services ~450K
8: Agencies That Might Constitute a Uniform National Linking System ~1086K
References ~278K

A: Method of the Study ~21K
B: Acknowledgments ~9K
C: Reports by State Alzheimer's Disease Task Forces and Advisory Committees ~19K
D: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~67K
Index ~144K