Analysis of the Feasibility of Separating Exploration From Production of Oil and Gas on the Outer Continental Shelf

NTIS order #PB-248381

Report cover

Full Report ~2860K
Front Matter ~114K
Table of Contents ~78K

Introduction ~71K
Definition of Terms ~83K
1: Summary of Findings ~90K
2: Background and Issues ~224K
3: Exploration Alternatives and Underlying Assumptions ~430K
4: Evaluation and Comparison of Exploration Alternatives ~136K

1: OCS leasing procedures and OCS safety and environmental protection activities of the Department of the Interior ~186K
2: Comparison of bills amending the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act: S. 426, S. 521, and related bills ~319K
3: An economic analysis of alternative Outer Continental Shelf petroleum leasing policies ~132K
4: The OCS Petroleum Pie ~137K

A: OCS Lands Act of 1953 and Code of Federal Regulations ~656K
B: Department of the Interior OCS Orders 1 thru 12 ~410K
C: Comparison and Analysis of S. 521 and S. 426 ~249K
D: Analysis of S. 740, "The National Energy Production Board Act of 1975" ~95K
E: Oil and Gas from the Outer Continental Shelf: Analysis of the "Energy Supply Act" and summary of Senate debate on S. 3221 ~120K
F: An analysis of the Department of the Interior's proposed acceleration of development of oil and gas on the Outer Shelf ~596K
G: Letters requesting OTA study ~101K