An Assessment of Oil Shale Technologies

NTIS order #PB80-210115

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Full Report ~9941K
Front Matter ~35K
Table of Contents ~4K

1: Summary ~1605K
2: Introduction ~18K
3: Constraints to Oil Shale Commercialization: Policy Options to Address These Constraints ~255K
4: Background ~802K
5: Technology ~1796K
6: Economic and Financial Considerations ~406K
7: Resource Acquisition ~424K
8: Environmental Considerations ~1326K
9: Water Availability ~1410K
10: Socioeconomic Aspects ~952K

A: Description and Evaluation of the Simulation Model ~40K
B: Assumptions and Data for Computer Analyses ~12K
C: Oil Shale Water Pollutants ~169K
D: Technologies for Managing Point Sources of Wastewater ~787K
E: Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Glossary ~38K
Errata ~192K