Compensation for Vaccine-Related Injuries

NTIS order #PB81-163909

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Full Report ~545K
Front Matter ~24K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: Elements of a Vaccine-Injury Compensation Program ~36K
2: The Federal Government's Current Approach to Compensation ~18K
3: Major Arguments For And Against Establishing A Compensation Program ~16K
4: The Types and Estimated Numbers of Vaccine-Related Injuries ~161K
5: Costs of Vaccine Injury Condensation Programs ~26K
6: Current Approaches to Vaccine Injury Compensation ~23K
7: Vaccine Injury Compensation and Future Developments in Vaccine ~15K

A: Surveillance of Illnesses Following Immunization ~120K
B: Ranges of Direct, Indirect, and Total Cost by Medical Event ~114K
C: California Law on Vaccine Injury Compensation and Rhode Island Legislative Proposal on Vaccine Injury Compensation ~15K
References ~25K