An Assessment of Development and Production Potential of Federal Coal Leases

NTIS order #PB82-149378

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Full Report ~11112K
Front Matter ~55K
Table of Contents ~4K

1: Executive Summary ~1385K
2: Background and Introduction ~46K
3: Federal Coal Leases and Preference Right Lease Applications: An Overview ~168K
4: Federal Coal Resources ~317K
5: Markets and Projected Demand for Federal Coal ~771K
6: Development Potential and Production Prospects of Federal Coal Leases ~910K
7: The Powder River Basin "A Case Study" ~1130K
8: Transportation ~1029K
9: Federal Coal Lease Management ~414K
10: Implications-of Environmental and Reclamation Issues for the Development of Federal Coal ~799K
11: Mining Technology ~407K
12: Revenues and Socioeconomic Impacts ~353K
13: Patterns and Trends in Ownership of Federal Coal Leases and PRLAs 1950-80 ~298K

A: Development and Production of Federal Coal Leases in the Southern Rocky Mountain States ~469K
B: OTA Working Lease List and Lessee Index ~2593K
C: Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Glossary ~25K
D: Some Key References ~19K
E: Availability of OTA Working Papers ~204K