An Assessment of the United States Food and Agricultural Research System

NTIS order #PB-82-170572

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Full Report ~3119K
Front Matter ~36K
Table of Contents ~9K

1: Summary ~374K
2: Introduction ~56K
3: The Role and Development of Public Agricultural Research ~579K
4: Measuring Costs, Benefits, Burdens, and Quality of Research ~661K
5: Roles of Research Participants ~123K
6: Management, Structure, and Policy ~706K
7: Determining Research Priorities ~127K
8: International Dimensions of Research ~131K
9: Implications for Research Funding ~116K
10: Issues and Options ~143K

A: Options That Relate Primarily to Action by... ~33K
B: Statistics on Research Funding ~71K
C: Commissioned Papers, Acknowledgements, and Advisory Committee ~25K
D: Glossary,Acronyms, and Abbreviations ~72K