Water-Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in Arid/Semiarid Lands: Selected Foreign Experience

NTIS order #PB84-102912

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Full Report ~1503K
Front Matter ~32K
Table of Contents ~24K

1: Introduction ~147K
2: Breeding Beans and Cowpeas for Drought Resistance and Heat Tolerance ~46K
3: Game Ranching in Africa ~139K
4: Managing Water on Farms in Pakistan ~464K
5: Developing Guayule (Natural Rubber) as a Commercial Crop ~303K
6: Israel's Water Policy: A National Commitment ~284K

A: Contacts List (by chapter) ~25K
B: Preliminary Inventory of Materials AvaiIabIe for Improving Water Management in Asia ~34K
C: The Economics of the Commercialization of Guayule in New South Wales ~35K
D: BARD Abstracts ~67K