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Getting Started in Data Analysis using Stata and R

"Finding the question is often more important than finding the answer"
John Tukey

The Stata, R, and other documents presented here provide the basic tools to get you started in data analysis.
Hope you find the tutorials useful.

Getting started series: Stata

Getting started series: R

Online training/help series

Descriptive statistics (Excel/Stata/R)

Miscellaneous Topics

Oscar Torres-Reyna has degrees in economics, statistics, public administration, and political science. His work experience spans over thirty years in federal government, private, and academic sectors (more here).

A constant throughout his academic and professional career has been the use of data analysis to extract meaning from data. Since 2007 he has shared that experience with the vast and diverse community at Princeton University, in particular, with its undergraduate and graduate students first as a data and statistics consultant at Data and Statistical Services and, since February 2022, as the head of the statistical services unit at the economics department.

Since 2015 he has also shared his experience as a part-time lecturer in statistics and data analytics in the statistics/bio-statistics and economics departments at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

By making these materials available to the public, he hopes that they may also be useful to someone beyond the university walls.

For general questions regarding data sources, statistics, software or additional training or to report any error, typos, questions or broken links in these pages to Oscar Torres-Reyna (