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The goal of this tutorial is to get students started in data analysis using Stata. These pages are meant to be basic tools to help you in your research. The commands presented here are in their basic format. Over time and with practice you will be able to develop your own shortcuts to make the procedures work faster. We encourage you to do so.

We will be adding more modules with some other commands and some statistical procedures like linear regression, logit regression, ordered logit regression, panel data, time series (including Chow tests,
Quandt likelihood ratio -QLR test- or sup-Wald statistic), factor analysis, multilevel analysis and more (see menu on the left)

We hope you find these pages useful.

Please select from the column on the left the topic you would like to work on.

For those who have not had any experience with Stata before it is recommended to start from the first topic moving down to the last. Those experienced in Stata choose your topic.

Please report any error, typo or questions on the training pages to
Oscar Torres-Reyna (otorres@princeton.edu).

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Written by Oscar Torres-Reyna

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