nicole pangborn

about me


I'm a recent graduate (PhD Jan 2019) and postdoctoral researcher in the Sociology department at Princeton University. I'm interested in microsociology, gender, social networks, and race / ethnicity. My dissertation combines these interests in an ethnography of an Italian-American community in the suburbs of Providence, Rhode Island. I work with Mitchell Duneier, Carol Stack, and Robert Wuthnow. In Spring 2019, I am co-teaching an upper-level undergraduate seminar called The Ghetto and the Enclave.

I grew up close to Providence, RI, and have lived in Baltimore, MD, Cambridge, UK, San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY. You can find a link to my cv here (version from January 2019).

Some of the other things I love / try to do often are: swimming, hiking, knitting, playing the piano, and learning new musical instruments.