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June 2002:

Get the most out of Princeton:
One professor's opinion of Who's Who at Princeton

A first-hand account of the fire that destroyed University Gymnasium in 1944

Now or Never:
Human rights, international law and the prospects for peace in the Middle East
a lecture By Richard Cummings '59, Ph.D.

Princeton in Georgia's Service: a talk by Paul Hicks ’58

World War II book list

May 22, 2002:

A first-hand account of the fire that destroyed University Gymnasium in 1944

An account of how writer James Barnes, Class of 1891, got his degree

March 13, 2002: Doctors don't know it all
But Bud Rose '63 helps them find answers
February 27, 2002:
Letter from Washington
Getting into PU
A view from the Alumni Schools Committee
December 19 , 2001:
Letter from Washington
One day, one class
On December 1, The Class of 2001 dedicated themselves to service
November 21, 2001: Behind the lens for Esquire magazine
"I'm looking good, and I certainly have hair."
By Benjamin S. Farmer '01
October 24, 2001:
Neil Henry '77, a professor of journalism at the University of California-Berkeley, has attracted national attention for his recent book, Pearl's Secret: A Black Man's Search for His White Family
October 10, 2001: Going to the wall, hitting the wall, and pushing through it
A speech about the importance of sports
by Josh Fien-Helfman '02
September 12, 2001: Football: Not just an Ivy League sport anymore
A new book by Mark Bernstein '83 details the origins and history of the gridiron game
By Louis Jacobson '92

More... Archives, Volume 01:

9/13/00 Charter of the Princeton Alumni Weekly
Related Article in September 13th issue: PAW corporation dissolved
10/11/00 Art professor appreciation
A tribute to Professor John R. Martin *47
Sacred vs. secular
How Joseph Williamson, the dean of religious life, straddles the divide
11/8/00 Ann Case *83's research isn't limited to stepfamilies
Poverty in South Africa is her other research field
11/22/00 Fashion Victim
Model behavior from Professor John Fleming
12/20/00 Pundit and professor
Paul Krugman explains economics in print and in class
1/24/01 Breaking and entering
Professor Edward Felten's specialty is exposing security flaws on the Internet
by Matt Golden '94
1/24/01 PAW received numerous letters about the Snapshot photograph in the December 6 issue. We published several of them in our January 24 print issue. The rest are here.

Film Review: O Brother, I love ya
Ethan ’79 and Joel Coen’s new movie shows their appreciation of the beauty of stupid human beings

Essay: Mickey Mouse Commentary Unfair To Sunshine State
In defense of Florida
By Chris Hand '95

Profile: Net effect
Filmmaker James Stanford '98 documents how the Internet influences our culture
By Rob MacKay '89

Tribute: Medal of Honor recipient Sandy Bonnyman '32
By Richard A. Davis '47

2/21/01 Endowment Spending Policy Fact Sheet
(January 2001)
3/21/01 Examining James Madison and the Constitution
A report on Princeton's conference February 22-23
By Jeff Davis GS

Table for two.com
Joe Gawronski '91's on-line reservation site, ireserve.com, lets you plan an evening out 24/7
By Rob MacKay
4/18/01 Julian L. McPhillips '68, a lawyer for all people
By Louis Jacobson '92
5/16/01 How to Choose a College President
By Harold W. Dodds, president, emeritus of Princeton University

Celebrating Sheldon Meyer '49, longtime history editor
Over his 40-year career, Meyer edited more than 50 books on American history
By Louis Jacobson '92

Nassau Hall, Princeton, New Jersey
By Sean Wilentz, Dayton-Stockton professor of history at Nassau Hall.

An Horatian Ode
Upon the Retirement of Harold Shapiro from the Presidency of Princeton University
by Paul Muldoon
6/6/01 Political junkies create Web site for opinion and analysis
John McIntyre '91 and Tom Bevan '91 offer a wide range of views, including their own, at www.realclearpolitics.com
By Rob MacKay '89

Radio revolution
Through Alex Sanford '81's three-year-old site, www.Live365.com, listeners can hear radio from around the world 
By Rob MacKay '89

In her words:
Read My Mind
By B. Ilene Adler '76

Bookmarks as guideposts
Blink.com seeks sites related to your interests
by Rob MacKay '89

Fresh face on the literary scene
An offshoot of Immaterial.net, Cabinet offers the eclectic and art
By Rob MacKay '89

The speedle of light
Dan Porter '88's dot-com that's better than a grapevine
by Rob MacKay '89