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Yearning to share in the beautiful emotional release now found on Cornellís, Batesí, and Tuftsí campuses, Will Palley founded a chapter of The Public Journal at Princeton University at the start of his junior year. Like the others, Princeton's Public Journal is not a place for fiction, sparkling wit, and poetry; it is a whimsical megaphone for the secrets, desires, reflections, and obsessions that we all repress and hide. A vehicle of intimacies, the PJ frees the writer and touches the reader. In an audacious and tender gesture, it invites the reassuring realization that we are not alone. The Public Journal's editors do not edit or in any way alter the anonymous submissions from students. Everything you read is real material from real students. So bring it on! Free yourself! Tell us all of those thoughts left unsaid, all of those wonderful, tragic, and anxious moments of your lives so far.

We donít kiss and tell. Only the Editor-in-Chief ever knows whoís contributed, and thatís a secret that never gets told. Each edition, we list our cherished and talented contributors at the front of the book, but if you donít want to be listed, you can easily let us know.

Doodled in class? Send it to us. Forgot to switch on Google Goggles? CC us next time! If itís important to you, itís important to us. And even if itís not, submit it anyway!