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Victoria Davidjohn

Victoria Davidjohn '19 is ridiculously psyched to be a new member of PUP board! She is a potential Pre-Med and MAE major that can only study well when she is listening to soundtracks of musicals she loves. Victoria cherishes anybody who will bring her hot chocolate, even during the summer.
Anna Zabel '19 is a Comparative Literature major with certificates in Film and Theater, probably (she is only a freshman). Anna loves special projects, jumpsuits, and all forms of alternative milk. She has yet to figure out how to spell theater (or theatre?) and is very insecure about it. Contact her if you want to propose a special project or just want to watch some Broad City!

Anna Zabel
vice president


Justin Ramos
production manager

Justin Ramos '19 hails from Skowhegan, Maine and plans on majoring in MOL with a certificate in theater. Having been in multiple PUP shows (Spelling Bee, City of Angels, Spamalot), he's decided to further commit to his relationship to PUP and make his board debut! Also a member of the Tigertones, Justin hopes to one day have a husky and a shiba inu to call his own. He can most likely be found watching old CSI episodes, or brainstorming other fun facts about himself besides that he was born on Halloween at 10:31 PM.  

Kieran Murphy
business manager


Will Alvarado
technical director

Will Alvarado '19 loves working with all his theater people, especially when it comes to TECH! He likes to be involved in anything theater and musically based on campus, even though it stresses him out. His favorite pass times are singing, dancing, and planning how he can get to all 5 meals everyday.
Michelle Goldman '18' is really special and is PUPumped to be the projects coordinator! She's a Woodrow Wilson School major, doing certificates in theater and global health, and likes her men like she likes her coffee.

Michelle Goldman
special projects coordinator


Cecily Polonsky
publicity co-chair: Web

Cecily Polonsky '19 is a sophomore German major from the UK She loved being in the cast of PUP shows in her freshman year and is very excited to now be more involved ~behind the scenes.~
Kirsten Traudt is extremely excited to be the second consecutive Kirsten to take on the role of Print Publicity Chair after directing Sex on Broadway, PUP's all-freshmen revue, last fall. She is a prospective Classics major and is interested in pursuing certificates in Humanistic Studies and Teacher Prep. When she's not putting up posters for PUP, Kirsten can be found putting up posters for the Princeton Triangle Club, giving Orange Key tours, or running study breaks as part of the Rockefeller College Council.

Kirsten Traudt
publicity co-chair: print


managing board


Evan Gedrich
music manager

Evan Gedrich is a junior in the Neuroscience Department, with certificates in Theater and Music Theater. Evan digs the stage. He feels privileged to have this cozy spot on the underbelly of the PUPwebpage for his bio, and is glad to finally be taking advantage of it! PUP, woo!
If there’s one thing that Manny Ramirez ’20 is better at than musical theater, it’s definitely graphic design so he’s beyond enthralled to be PUP’s graphic designer! Manny might major in the Woodrow Wilson School, with a certificate in Chinese. PUP has blessed him with fun and quirky roles like Sexy Coal Miner in Sex On Broadway, the gayest Lancelot in Spamalot, the very funny Sonny in In the Heights, and the ever so nervous Fritz in Frankenstein! Manny likes to hit the whip real ugly as others on PUP Board are well aware.

Manny Ramirez
graphic designer


Ankita Ghoshal

Ben Diamond '19 is super excited that PUP has given him an outlet to combine two things he loves: getting creative with graphic design and getting involved with some sweet, sweet theater. He got started with PUP by performing in Sex on Broadway: This is College directed by the lovely Kirsten Hansen. Ben doesn't know what he wants to study because he's a freshman and normal. Fun fact: you may have seen him star in his most recent film role as the horse carcass in The Revenant. 

Ben Diamond
social media manager


Abby Spare
box office manager

Abby Spare '20 is a freshman that somehow wandered into “Sex on Broadway” this fall and has yet to find her way out of PUP. She is super thrilled to be joining as Box Office Manager and helping out on the backstage side of theater. Though she has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to deciding what to study, she’s excited to be pursuing Theater and Music Theater certificates!
Marcelo Jaimes Lukes ’19 is stoked to be returning to the PUP Board as Social Chair. A student in Department of Politics, Marcelo has not yet had the pleasure of being in a PUP show, but has directed, produced, and acted in other shows at Princeton. His hobbies include playing the banjo, talking about how great Brooklyn is, and steeping herbal tea for precisely four and a half minutes.

Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes
social chair


Nico Krell

Nico Krell '18 is an independent concentrator in Performance Studies with a certificate in Theatre and an unfinished certificate in Russian Language and Culture. He is a performer, director, and a life-long musical lover. He is so happy that you are able to read this.

Michele Montas
assistant technical director


Jasmeen Burton
props manager

Jasmeene Burton '19 is a sociology major and is excited to work with her new PUPeeps! She was first introduced to musical theater through SOB and has loved wearing every hat, be it on stage, backstage, or on the production team, ever since! Jasmeene can be found parading campus in a Batman onesie on occasion, or she's probably napping in Woolworth. (#rehearsalfordays).
Allison Spann '20 is a first-year student interested in studying Music, Theatre, French, and Environmental Studies. When she's not doin theatre things she enjoys singing with Glee Club and the University Jazz Ensemble. She enjoys pretending to be a member of the Princeton Nassoons and doing outside things.

Allison Spann
costumes manager

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