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Victoria Davidjohn

Victoria Davidjohn ‘19 is a junior in the English Department pursuing certificates in both Theater and Music Theater. Primarily a director, she focuses on amplifying unheard voices, reworking classic works for contemporary audiences, and nurturing new pieces of theater.
Anna Zabel '19 is a Comparative Literature major with certificates in Film and Theater, probably (she is only a freshman). Anna loves special projects, jumpsuits, and all forms of alternative milk. She has yet to figure out how to spell theater (or theatre?) and is very insecure about it. Contact her if you want to propose a special project or just want to watch some Broad City!

Anna Zabel
vice president


Justin Ramos
production manager

Justin Ramos '19 is a MOL major with a certificate in Theater and hails from Skowhegan, Maine. Having been in multiple PUP shows (Spelling Bee, City of Angels, Spamalot), he decided to further commit to his relationship to PUP, joined board as Production Manager last year, and is now back for a second round! Also a member of the Tigertones and Triangle, Justin hopes to one day have a husky and a shiba inu to call his own. He can most likely be found imaging bacteria in lab or brainstorming other fun facts about himself besides that he was born on Halloween at 10:31 PM.  
An economics major, so her position on PUP board makes a lot of sense.

Michele Montas
business manager


Will Alvarado
technical director

Will Alvarado '19 loves working with all his theater people, especially when it comes to TECH! He likes to be involved in anything theatrical based on campus, even though it stresses him out and he does WAY TOO MUCH OF IT! From involvement in 10 shows freshman year and 11 shows sophomore year...he’s decided he needed some time to relax. JUST KIDDING! I WILL NEVER STOP! Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!
If there’s one thing that Manny Ramirez ’20 is better at than musical theater, it’s definitely coordinating special projects so he’s beyond enthralled to be PUP’s special projects coordinator! Manny might major in the Woodrow Wilson School, with a certificate in Chinese. PUP has blessed him with fun and quirky roles like Sexy Coal Miner in Sex On Broadway, the gayest Lancelot in Spamalot, the very funny Sonny in In the Heights, and the ever so nervous Fritz in Frankenstein! Manny likes to hit the whip real ugly as others on PUP Board are well aware.

Manny Ramirez
special projects coordinator


Kirsten Traudt
publicity co-chair: Web

Kirsten Traudt '20 is a sophomore planning to concentrate in Classics. In addition to musical theatre, she loves Latin poetry and responding promptly to emails. After directing Sex on Broadway her freshman year, she jumped into the Princeton theatre scene and never looked back! When she’s not putting up posters, you can find her leading Orange Key tours or mentoring students in the Humanities Sequence.
Paige Allen is thrilled to be representing the Class of 2021 on E-Board. She is considering concentrating in English or History and plans on pursuing too many certificates. In addition to serving as Publicity Co-Chair, Paige has performed and stage managed with PUP. On campus, she can be found listening to cast albums while putting up posters.

Paige Allen
publicity co-chair: print


managing board


Maddie Wu
co-music manager

Maddie Wu ‘21 is interested in concentrating in Psychology or Economics with certificates in East Asian Studies and Teacher Preparation. She has played in pits and music directed for PUP. She also plays club soccer on campus and can usually be found drinking milkshakes at the Wa.
Before the heavens were separated from the earth, there existed a single being, so charming, witty, and musically talented, the only appropriate role for him was Music Manager of Princeton University Players. That man was Evan Gedrich, but he’s graduating soon, so they found Andrew Damian ‘20 rummaging through some trash in the music building and got him to fill the spot. A music major, his interests include playing guitar for musical pits and jazz band, composing, and swimming on occasion.

Andrew Damian
co-music manager


Jaclyn Hovsmith
graphics designer

Jaclyn Hovsmith '20 is a sophomore planning to major in Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys long walks on the beach and grossly misusing Adobe Illustrator.
Rosie Vasen ‘21 is a prospective history major, so she’s very happy to be PUP’s co-historian, and is pursuing a certificate in theater. Rosie has yet to be a part of a PUP show and hopes to in the future, but as of now, has stage managed and acted in other shows around campus. When she’s not wasting time in the forum of the Lewis Center, she’s usually working shifts at the Whitman dining hall, so contact her if you want to sneak in for ice cream after 8pm.

Rosie Vasen


Katie Massie

Katie is a first-year who is very, very proud to be from Boston, Massachusetts. She is interested in studying music, theater, and environmental studies. She made her college theater debut as an unmic-ed actor in PUP’s production of Evita, and can’t wait to continue making ~art~ with these talented folks.
An English major with certificates in Theater, Music Theater, and European Cultural Studies, Abby fell into PUP’s clutches with the 2016 “Sex on Broadway” and hasn’t yet found her way out of it yet so she might as well make programs while she’s at it!

Abby Spare
box office manager


Alex Jacobson
co-social media manager

A spunky freshman from New York. Alex was enticed by PUP at the club fair because he was very lost. He is a prospective Woodrow Wilson School major with certificates in visual arts and african american studies. He has loved PUP and hopes the affair does not end soon.
Glenna Jane Galarion ‘21 is a prospective Politics major and might be pursuing certificates in Musical Performance and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Introduced to PUP through Sex on Broadway and Heathers, she’s excited to take a break from belting show tunes riddled with unreasonably high notes and work on reviving the PUP Twitter. When she’s not in rehearsal, you can find her playing kendama badly or watching Vine compilations on YouTube. Oh and if you ever hear someone doing ridiculously extra riffs, that’s probably her. Say hi!

Glenna Galarion
co-social media manager


Kieran Murphy
co-social chair

Kieran Murphy '19 is a junior Politics major from the US. He loved being in the cast of PUP shows in his freshman year and is very excited to now be more involved ~behind the scenes.~
Cecily Polonsky '19 is a junior Comparative Literature major from the UK. She loved being in the cast of PUP shows in her freshman year and is very excited to now be more involved ~behind the scenes.~

Cecily Polonsky
co-social chair


Carl Sun

Carl Sun ‘20 is a COS major and pursuing certificates in musical theatre along with statistics and machine learning. He’s been involved in a few PUP productions, including “In The Heights,” “Frankenstein,” and more recently “Evita.” When he’s not coding or singing (or singing while coding), he enjoys playing League of Legends (carlsun98 shameless plug), snacking, and improving at poker (companies please hire me). He’s also really glad you can read this.
Katharine Matthias ‘21 is a prospective Comparative Literature major with plans to get certificates in Theater and Humanistic Studies. Her first theater show at Princeton was assistant stage managing and doing tech for PUP’s Evita. PUP has been formative in her ~freshman year experience~, as it has given her the opportunity to be friends with a wide variety of people who all share a love of theater. She is looking forward to the moment when she gets to the drive the PUP van for one of the many tech load-ins! Wahoo!

Katharine Matthias
assistant technical director


Carlos Giron
assistant technical director

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Abby Clark ‘21 is interested in pursuing an English major with a certificate in theater. She found her way to PUP's managing board after directing Sex on Broadway. Aside from her intense passion for theatrical production, the real reason Abby pursued the position of Costume Manager is so that she can build a nest in the costume closet.

Abby Clark
costumes manager


Martin Mejia
props manager

Martin Mejia ‘21 is a potential MOL major with possible certificates in Neuro or Musical Theatre. He was introduced to PUP after performing as a flamboyant Frankenstein’s monster in Sex on Broadway. Martin is very excited to get to know more people and to manage the props and wear things that aren’t supposed to be worn.
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