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Paige Allen

Paige Allen ’21 is an English major with prospective certificates in Theater, Creative Writing, and Journalism. In the time not consumed by her various theatrical projects, she can be found working in the Writing Center, giving tours with Orange Key, and writing angsty poetry in the wee hours of the morning while summoning the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe.
Maddie Wu is a sophomore planning on majoring in East Asian Studies with certificates in Music Theater and Teacher Prep. She just really loves PUP, and she is super excited to continue to be involved with PUP! If you can’t find her behind a piano, look for a soccer field or the Wa!

Maddie Wu
vice president


Katharine Matthias
production manager

Katharine Matthias is a Comparative Literature major with intended certificates in Theater, Humanistic Studies, and Japanese language and culture. Through PUP, Katharine’s been able to meet some really wonderful people on this campus :) Also, she is @abby spare’s actual daughter. 
An economics major, so her position on PUP board makes a lot of sense.

Michele Montas
business manager


Martin Mejia
technical director

Martin Mejia is a prospective molecular biology major with an intended certificate in Music Theatre and is pre-med. As if his life is not already busy enough, he is excited to be our new technical director and have PUP be his life. He is hoping he doesn’t accidentally stub his toe because that would be unfortunate.
BT Hayes ‘22 is a prospective Anthropology major with plans for certificates in Theatre/Musical Theatre and German. She’s also a member of Quipfire! improv and enjoys sci-fi and naps.

BT Hayes
special projects coordinator


Kirsten Traudt
publicity co-chair: Web

Kirsten Traudt '20 is a sophomore planning to concentrate in Classics. In addition to musical theatre, she loves Latin poetry and responding promptly to emails. After directing Sex on Broadway her freshman year, she jumped into the Princeton theatre scene and never looked back! When she’s not putting up posters, you can find her leading Orange Key tours or mentoring students in the Humanities Sequence.
Grace Huegel ’22 is a first-year planning to concentrate in English. In addition to serving as Publicity Co-Chair, Grace is an actor in PUP, a member of Trego, and a Wilson College Council representative.

Grace Huegel
publicity co-chair: print


managing board


Ed Horan
music manager

Ed Horan is a prospective music major from Hoboken, New Jersey. In between shows, he participates in the Princeton University Rock Ensemble, plays keys in Hoboken fusion-rock band Elevator Pitch, shamelessly plugs said Elevator Pitch wherever possible, and refers to himself in the third person. He knows more about the life of KFC founder Colonel Harlan David Sanders than any human being deserves and will tell you about it if not stopped. Actually, he’s a pretty terrible banjo player.
Leila Abou-Jaoude is a prospective music major from Lexington, Kentucky. She intends to pursue certificates in music theater, composition, and vocal performance. She has performed with PUP, is a member of Trego, and writes for the Playwright’s Guild. She is excited to serve on the PUP board!

Leila Abou-Jaoude
graphics designer


Kateryn McReynolds

Kateryn McReynolds is a Politics major who loves her Music Theatre and Theatre certificates so much that she found a way to squeeze them into her International Relations Theory thesis. In addition to researching the cultural-performative aspects of diplomacy, she also tries to serve as diplomat among her friends. She's co-president of the Filipino Community, a ministry team leader for the Aquinas Institute, and an avid fan of mid-century film queens. Hit her up if you want a reenaction of Audrey Hepburn's "Moon River" (guitar and headscarf included).
Third time’s the charm.

Abby Spare
box office manager


Claire Silberman
social media manager

Claire Silberman ‘22 is a normal millennial who likes to do normal millennial things, including but not limited to: running PUP’s social media accounts, eating avocado toast, and ruining the economy. As a prospective Woodrow Wilson School major, she’s kidding about the last part. Sort of.
If there’s one thing that Manny Ramirez ’20 is better at than musical theater, it’s definitely chairing socials so he’s beyond enthralled to be one of PUP’s social chairs! Manny is majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School, with certificates in Chinese and South Asian Studies. PUP has blessed him with fun and quirky roles like Sexy Coal Miner in Sex On Broadway, the gayest Lancelot in Spamalot, the very funny Sonny in In the Heights, and the ever so nervous Fritz in Frankenstein! Manny likes to hit the whip real ugly as others on PUP Board are well aware.

Manny Ramirez
co-social chair


Violet Gautreau
co-social chair

Violet Gautreau is a prospective English major with very definitive opinions on the Mamma Mia! cinematic universe. When she’s not actively modelling her life after Christine Baranski’s character, Violet is a Mathey College Council member and a campus Speakout chair who intends to get Music Theater and Cognitive Science certificates.
Carl Sun ‘20 is a COS major and pursuing certificates in Musical Theatre along with Statistics and Machine Learning. He’s been involved in many PUP productions, including “In The Heights” and “Evita.” When he’s not coding or singing (or singing while coding), he’s probably playing Overwatch (he’s already Tracer) or welcoming his robotic overlords. He’s also really glad you can read this.

Carl Sun


Regan McCall
assistant technical director

Regan McCall ‘22 is a prospective ORFE major with certificates in Theatre and Computer Science. When she’s not in class she likes to use up all of her free time possible by acting/stage managing PUP shows, joining Trego, being an actor in the Playwright’s Guild, being in way too many sections of the Prince, and being on the managing board of the Pre-Law Society. Her hobbies include singing way too loudly to musical soundtracks in public and talking someone’s ear off with her insane capability to remember pretty much every detail about every book, movie, or TV show she’s ever seen.
Kate is a prospective History major, who is hoping to pursue certificates in Theatre, Music Theatre, and American Studies. As a Freshman Kate jumped headfirst into the Theater scene on campus and is happy to be a new cast member of the Triangle club. At PUP Kate is so excited to help put on phenomenal musicals with this amazing group of people and is thrilled to spend time doing what she loves best; organizing things (in this case costumes)!

Kate Semmens
costumes manager


Jonathan Salama
props manager

Jon is a Computer Science major pursuing certificates in cognitive science and environmental studies. He dabbles in guitar and considers himself a Beatles fanatic. Besides becoming PUP prop manager, he enjoys playing in pit orchestras for various shows on campus.
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