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Sarah Cuneo | president

Sarah Cuneo '15 could not be more thrilled to be serving as the president/Mama Bear of the great big musical family that is PUP. Her PUP career began in her freshman year with Sex on Broadway, and she's been acting, directing, and producing for PUP ever since. She loves Game of Thrones, pretty dresses, Spiderman, and buffalo chicken. If you need a hug from someone in a super soft unicorn onesie, give her a call. She's always willing to talk about theatre at Princeton, so don't hesitate to shoot her an email (scuneo@princeton.edu) if you have any questions or concerns!
Cameron Platt is the most excited to be the Vice President of the Princeton University Players. Cameron previously served as PUP's development director, and has been seen onstage with PUP in Cabaret and Mack and Mabel. Yay more things.

Cameron Platt | vice president


Tyler Lawrence | production manager

Tyler Lawrence '16 is a sophomore who will eventually hopefully declare a concentration in something, but is pursuing certificates in Theater and Near Eastern Studies. This is Tyler's second year as a member of the PUP Board, having previously served as the first Social Media Manager. In addition to his work with the Board, Tyler acts and directs in theater groups all over campus. He is also active in student government, serving as the co-chair of the USG Projects Board. He appreciates long runs, sunshiney days, and well-shaped facial hair.
Morgan Young is nothing but professional.

Morgan Young | business manager


Arianna Lanz | publicity co-chair

Arianna Lanz '17 unexpectedly fell into the Princeton theater community, and was permanently sucked in. As well as being Publicity Co-Chair for PUP, she is also Community Liaison for the Princeton Shakespeare Company, and a Triangle Club cast member. She has likewise performed in PUP, PSC, and Triangle shows, and she also uses her position as an Orange Key tour guide as an outlet to release her excitement for Princeton theater to prospective families. In her spare time, she pursues a concentration in Astrophysical Sciences.
Cat Andre is a member of Princeton's class of 2017 and is very excited to be on PUP's board for the coming season. Cat was first introduced to PUP by directing the freshman musical revue, Sex on Broadway '17, and since then she's kind of just... Stuck around.

Cat Andre | publicity co-chair


Daria Koren | technical director

bio of nathalie

Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn | development director



Alice Terrett | music manager

Alice Terrett didn't submit a bio. But she plays bass.
Jeremy builds things.

Jeremy Mehl | assistant tech director


Chris Snider | graphic designer

Chris sings pretty and makes posters.
Jason Adler likes theatre administration.

Jason Adler | box office manager


Carey Camel

Carey Camel '17 is a sophomore, potentially majoring in the Sociology department. This is his first year on PUP board, and he has had an amazing time with all of the incredibly talented people who participate in the organization. He has acted in Cabaret and The Drowsy Chaperone, but his favorite memory from freshman year is Sex on Broadway and getting to meet all of the hilarious individuals from the class of '17!
Abby Melick super fly.

Abby Melick | social media manager


Adam Hudnut Beumler | props manager

Adam Hudnut-Beumler
Sally Lemkemeier '17 is a freshman and is so excited to be on PUP board for the first time! Sally is been involved in many PUP shows this year, including Cabaret, Sex on Broadway, and Drowsy Chaperone. Outside of PUP, Sally is involved in LEAP, a community service club helping kids in Trenton.

Sally Lemkemeier | costumes manager


Frank Africano | historian

Frank likes pineapples.
Thomas Gonzalez Roberts '16 is a sophomore in the Astrophysics department and just recently completed his debut PUP performance as Cliff in Cabaret! Since the show, he's been hooked on all things theatre, acting and singing in RENT as Tom Collins and working behind the scenes as PUP's resident photographer. Outside of the PUP board room, you can find Thomas strolling around Russia or rural Minnesota.

Thomas Roberts | programs manager


Marc Fishman | archivist

Marc Fishman '17 is a freshman and is so excited to be serving on PUP's Management Board. Marc sometimes likes to play piano. He has served as Music Director and rehearsal pianist for several PUP shows. Some favorite credits include Cabaret, Sex On Broadway '17, Rent, and The Drowsy Chaperone. His catch phrase is "I can't. I have rehearsal." Outside of PUP, Marc likes to spend his free time eating ice cream in Wilcox Dining Hall.
Michelle Navis '17 is a sophomore considering a major in psychology. She has been very involved in theater tech in the last year, and has so far worked as both stage manager and assistant stage manager for several shows during her time at Princeton. She can't wait to explore more opportunities to see different perspectives of theater through PUP board, beyond the stage managerial duties to which she is accustomed. She is also super pumped to serve as co-archivist in her debut as a PUP board member. You see, she has a secret passion for co-archiving rivaled only by her passion for eggnog ice cream.

Michelle Navis | archivist


Steven Tran | webmaster

Steven Tran '15 is a senior in the CS department and couldn't be more excited to be serving his third term on the board of the Princeton University Players! Over the years, Steven has acted in, directed, and music directed a plethora of musicals for PUP. Some favorite credits include Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Rent, and Next to Normal. Outside of PUP, Steven is active in several other theater and music groups, and, let's be real, does pretty much nothing else.