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Cameron Platt

Cameron Platt '16 is honored and delighted to lead PUP, her big musical family! An English major with certificates in Theater and Medieval Studies, Cameron has served on the executive board of PUP since her freshman year. The student theatre community means a great deal to Cameron, who also performs frequently with various groups on campus. Cameron treasures quiet mornings and big sweaters, and she's always up for coffee or the bent spoon. Feel free to email her with any questions or concerns about PUP, theatre, and life at Princeton!
Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn '16 is a junior in the English and Theatre departments. Nathalie has directed two shows for PUP, Riffs (a student-written musical workshop) and Mack and Mabel (our latest Reunions show). She also acts in productions with PUP and all over campus. She is thrilled to be back for her third term on PUP board and can't wait to continue making lovely theatre with these lovely people.

Nathalie Ellis-Einhorn
vice president


Cat Andre
production manager

Cat Andre is a member of Princeton's class of 2017 and is very excited to be on PUP's board for the second year. Cat was first introduced to PUP by directing its freshman musical revue, Sex on Broadway '17, and went on to serve as the company's Publicity Press chair last year. This season, Cat directed PUP's winter show, Hair, and will be serving as company Production Manager.
Morgan Young '16 is an English major with certificates in Gender and Sexuality Studies, American Studies, and Theatre. Morgan has enjoyed getting involved in multiple aspects of student and department theatre on Princeton's campus both on and off stage as an actor, director, and dramaturg. She's very excited to begin her fourth year on PUP board and continue her prosperous reign as PUP Empress of the Dolla Dolla Bills Business Manager.

Morgan Young
business manager


Tyler Lawrence
publicity co-chair: press

Tyler Lawrence '16 is a junior concentrating in Politics and pursuing certificates in Theater and Near Eastern Studies. Tyler joined the PUP Board his freshman year, and since then he's loved working behind the scenes as a board member, and as director for Little Shop of Horrors and the annual Princeton Cares concert. When not theatricalizing, Tyler can frequently be found questing for good napping couches. He appreciates long runs, well-engineered sandcastles, and strong facial hair.
Kat Giordano '18 is thrilled to be join the PUP family as the publicity co-chair of print! Born and raised in New Jersey, Kat is a freshman studying psychology with certificates in theater and dance. Musical theater is her passion and she has loved being involved in the community on campus. When she is not printing, teasering, or tabling, you can find her singing with the Princeton Wildcats, the University's fiercest all-female a cappella group. She usually wears red lipstick and always sings in the shower.

Kat Giordano
publicity co-chair: print


Michelle Goldman
technical director

Michelle Goldman '18 is juiced up to be a new member of PUP board. She is a stage manager by trade, but occasionally a student majoring in the undecided. Michelle was introduced to PUP through Sex on Broadway '18 and since then has been ASM for Dream A Little Dream and stage manager for La Cage aux Folles. As the second Michelle on board, she is open to suggestions for an alternate name.
Dylan Blau Edelstein '17 is a sophomore from New York City. Having acted in several PUP productions, he is excited to join Executive Board. As Special Projects Coordinator, he hopes to involve PUP in events that further integrate the theater community into general campus culture. Off stage, Dylan can be found participating in on-campus activism, speaking other languages, or singing to himself. Contact him if you have any questions about proposing a new project to PUP!

Dylan Blau Edelstein
special projects coordinator


managing board

Carey Camel '17 is a sophomore, majoring in the Sociology department. This is his second year on PUP board, and he has had an amazing time with all of the incredibly talented people who participate in the organization. He has acted in Cabaret, The Drowsy Chaperone, HAIR, and played Albin in La Cage Aux Folles. But his favorite memory from freshman year is Sex on Broadway and getting to meet all of the hilarious individuals from the class of '17!

Carey Camel
music manager


Alex Vogelsang
graphic designer

Alex Vogelsang '18 is incredibly excited to be PUP's graphic designer. She has acted in PUP's Little Shop of Horrors and La Cage aux Folles, along with doing production work for Sex on Broadway and Hair. Her talents include sarcasm and ice fishing. Will rap Kendrick for money.
Brian McSwiggen '18 is a freshman planning to major in computer science through the engineering school. He first got involved in Princeton theater through doing tech for Triangle and for PUP's production of Little Shop of Horrors, but since then has also appeared in shows and become involved in stage management. He is very excited to continue working with PUP, especially in his capacity as Box Office Manager handling ticketing and programs.

Brian McSwiggen
box office manager


Galen Ogg
social chair

Galen Ogg '18 is a potential premed and sociology major. She first became involved with PUP when she acted in Little Shop of Horrors, and has since stage managed, directed, and acted in other shows at Princeton. PUP has become a great community for her, and so she is excited to welcome new members and plan fun events as social chair this year. In her free time she can be found playing ukulele, wearing fuzzy socks, and listening to music at an alarmingly high decibel.
Abby Melick '17 loves PUP, grammin', tweetin', FB-postin' etc. and has acted in shows all around campus!

Abby Melick
social media manager


Adam Hudnut Beumler
costumes and props manager

Adam Hudnut-Beumler '17 couldn't be more pumped to be the Props/Costumes Manager for PUP. Adam has been involved in many PUP productions, including The Drowsy Chaperone and Cabaret. He really does love props. And costumes.
Abigail Jean-Baptiste '18 is a freshman interested in the English and Theater departments. She is extremely lucky to be on PUP board otherwise she'd have no one to burst into show tunes with. She has been in two PUP productions and hopes to increase that number in the near future. As historian, she plans to honor, transcend and make history. Or herstory.

Abigail Jean-Baptiste


Thomas Roberts

Thomas Gonzalez Roberts '16 is a junior in the Astrophysics department and has recently been seen as Tom Collins in Rent and Cliff in Cabaret - his PUP debut! Since Cabaret, Thomas has been hooked on all things PUP, acting and singing and working behind the scenes as PUP's resident photographer. Outside of the PUP board room, you can find Thomas strolling around Russia or rural Minnesota.
Michelle Navis '17 is a sophomore considering a major in french and a certificate in computer science. She is very involved in theater tech, and has so far worked as both stage manager and assistant stage manager for several shows during her time at Princeton, including PUP shows: SOB '17, Cabaret, Dream a Little Dream, and Hair. She can't wait to put her coding skills to use in her webmasterial debut for PUP.

Michelle Navis

executive | managing