For almost forty years, the German Department's Summer Work Program has offered Princeton students a unique opportunity to improve their language skills while learning about Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.  You will live in a typical environment and learn through everyday contact about people, their attitudes, values, and aspirations.  You will be part of the country’s work force and integrated into its social structure.

The Department of German works closely with the Princeton Alumni Association of Germany, as well as with a number of other organizations that have adopted the Princeton Summer Work Program as an outstanding model for strengthening German-American friendship and cultural exchange. These organizations include the Steuben-Schurz-Society, the Amerika-Haus in Frankfurt am Main and a host of other German-American organizations, which together support the USA-Interns Program.

The Summer Work Program places students in jobs with German, Austrian, and Swiss companies and institutions. Internships ordinarily last for eight weeks, usually from late June to late August.

To learn more about the 2005 SWP, come to one of our



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In cooperation with our partner organizations in Germany, we have considerably expanded the range of positions that will be available to Princeton students in coming years. In recent years, we have been able to offer internships in the following sectors:
These companies and institutions are located in various cities across the three countries: e.g. Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Mainz, Munich, Vienna, and Wiesbaden …

Eligibility: Any student with a good grade in German 107 (fourth semester) or equivalent competence in German can apply.The application procedure includes a short interview in German. (Download a PDF of the application form here.)

Salaries generally cover all normal everyday living expenses. Many students are able to travel extensively on weekends with their pay. The Program has recently added a number of non-paying internships, particularly in cultural and governmental institutions. Although we cannot guarantee funding for these positions, the Steuben-Schurz-Society has been able in the past year to offer a number of scholarships to cover living expenses. In addition, you may wish to apply to a number of centrally administered Princeton Funds, once you have been accepted into this program.

Housing: In a few cases the companies provide housing; otherwise in the past students have made their own arrangements. The Program gives all possible assistance to you in arranging housing.

Transportation Costs: The costs for a round-trip plane ticket to Europe and any transportation within Europe are usually borne by each participant. Students who are in need of assistance may, however, apply to the German Department for travel assistance grants.

Summer Earnings for Financial Aid Students: Because the Program is educational in nature, the Princeton Financial Aid Office will modify its expectations with regard to the usual obligation of scholarship students to earn money during the summer.  Students should contact the Financial Aid Office individually.

The Application Deadline for the 2005 program is Friday, October 15, 2004.

For Application Dates and Procedures, click here.

For additional information, contact Florian Becker, SWP Administrator, at 204 East Pyne, Phone (609) 258‑4132, e-mail