Princeton Tango Club

Our first milonga of the year is scheduled for Friday, January 23, 2015, with Dominic Bridge and Cecilia Piccinni as guest instructors and performers!

More details to come soon!

Cecilia Piccinni & Dominic Bridge

Dominic and Cecilia met in passing in Buenos Aires in 2007, he, an avid tango teacher from the United States, she, a respected professional teaching in the prestigious Tango Brujo school, directed by Gastón Torelli, where Dominic was studying tango and modern dance.

With many friends in common and criss-crossing paths over the years, it became a running joke between them that they had never met in person. Eventually, after both becoming established instructors throughout Europe, their paths finally converged for the first time in a milonga in Paris.

A newly formed union of the tango world, Dominic and Cecilia started working together in 2014. For a limited time they offered weekly classes in Budapest at Barrio del Tango, followed by workshops and shows in Florence, Italy. They taught and performed in festivals around Europe, such as Tango Cazino in Romania and Winter Tango Napoli with other prominent international Argentine tango artists, as well as live in concert with one of Argentina’s finest tango orchestras of today, La Juan D’Arienzo.

Their 2015 tour in the United States commences at the annual New Year’s San Diego Tango Festival followed by performances and seminars in Los Angeles, New York City, Princeton, New Haven, Anne Arbor Fire & Ice Tango Festival, Seattle, concluding with Portland Valentango 2015. They return to Buenos Aires for March/April 2015 and afterwards begin their next European tour in May.