About Us

The Princeton Yearbook Agency is dedicated to providing Princeton undergraduates with yearbooks to commemorate their time at the University. One of the fifteen student-run Princeton Student Agencies, the agency consists of a staff of managers, editors, and designers.

Upholding Tradition

The agency holds a unique, century-old tradition in producing two main publications each year: the Nassau Herald and the Bric-a-Brac (first produced in 1864).

Flexibility in Student Management

The flexibility of the student agencies provides student managers and staff with the capability to direct the creative process of reflecting the student body and student life in the yearbooks.

About Princeton Student Agencies

The Princeton Yearbook Agency is one of the oldest of the student-run, student-managed Princeton Student Agencies. The Agencies program is dedicated to providing various products and services to the University community of students and their families, alumni, staff, and faculty.

Executive Managers

  • Sherry Li '15
  • Janie Gu '15

Agency Staff

  • Vivian Ludford '15
  • Wendy Gu '15
  • Ola Oladosu '15
  • Allie Wu '16
  • Tiffany Chen '16
  • Tomi Johnson '16