The 3rd International Workshop

on Flame Chemistry

July 30-31, 2016

Seoul, Korea


Technical Program and Presentation








3rd International Workshop on Flame Chemistry

July 30th - 31st 2016, Prima Hotel in Seoul, South Korea


Saturday, July 30th 2016


8:00-8:30 am Registration + Breakfast

8:30-8:35 am Welcome: N. Hansen


Session 1: Modern Aspects of Engine Research

Chair: S. Goldsborough (Argonne National Laboratory)


8:35-9:10 am Role of low-temperature chemistry in unburned hydrocarbon emissions from heavy-duty Diesel engines

J. OConnor (Pennsylvania State University, USA)


9:10-9:45 am Tailoring charge reactivity using fuel reformate for gasoline compression ignition strategies

I. W. Ekoto (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)


9:45-10:05 am Coffee Break



Session 2: Low-Temperature: Experiment and Modeling

Chair:B. Rotavera (Sandia National Laboratories)


10:05-10:40 am New cool flame chemistry and its impact on ignition at extreme conditions

S. M. Sarathy (KAUST, Saudi-Arabia)


10:40-11:15 am Role of the low temperature chemistry on the non-premixed ignition of condensed hydrocarbon fuels at elevated pressures

A. Frassoldati (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)


11:15-11:50 am Recent developments in kinetic modelling of alkane oxidation

J. Bugler (NUI Galway, Ireland)


11:50 am-12:25 pm Optimized reaction mechanism rate rules for auto-ignition of alkanes

L. Cai (RWTH Aachen, Germany)


12:25-14:00 pm Lunch Break


Session 3: Experimental Developments

Chair: A. Farooq (KAUST)


14:00-14:35 pm Shock tube experiments and their relevance to flame modeling

R. S. Tranter (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)


14:35-15:10 pm Multiplexing for isomer resolution in flame chemistry - photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectroscopy

T. Kasper (Universitšt Duisburg-Essen, Germany)


15:10-15:45 pm Using rapid compression machines to determine the rate constants for some combustion relevant elementary chemical reactions

B. Yang (Tsinghua University, China)


15:45-16:00 pm Coffee Break



Session 4: Cool Flames

Chair: R. West (Northeastern University)


16:00-16:35 pm Towards chemical kinetic study using weak flames in micro flow reactor with controlled temperature profile

H. Nakamura (Tohoku University, Japan)


16:35-17:10 pm Dynamics and chemistry of cool flames

C. B. Reuter (Princeton University, USA)


18:00-20:00 pm Dinner






Sunday, July 31st 2016


8:30-9:00 am Registration + Breakfast


Session 5: Non-Equilibrium Chemistry

Chair: S. Klippenstein (Argonne National Laboratory)


9:00-9:35 am Elucidating the flame chemistry of common combustion radicals

N. J. Labbe (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)


9:35-10:10 am Molecular populations and steady states in unimolecular reaction systems

M. Olzmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)


10:10-10:30 am Coffee Break


Session 6: Group Discussions


10:30-11:10 am What do modelers want experimentalist to measure? What new experimental approaches and targets are needed to develop better models?

Chair: H. Curran (NUI Galway)


11:10-11:50 am What are the gaps in the development of predictive low-temperature chemistry models? Where do we still need to improve our theory and modeling codes? What are the greatest uncertainties in mechanisms?

Chair: Y. Ju


11:50 am-12:30 pm Cyber infrastructure and big data

Chair: P. R. Westmoreland


12:30 pm-12:45 pm Action Items

Chair: N. Hansen


12:45 pm Adjourn