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Problems and Solutions - 1959 Tiger Cub

List of problems ....

  • cylinder bore .025-over using .020-over piston - ring gap too large
  • frame rusted and cracked; engine mount cracked
  • valves beyond restoration by grinding
  • valve guides loose
  • spokes and wheel hubs rusted
  • fork tubes (stanchions) heavily pitted
  • transmission cogs on one set of gears damaged
  • bronze bushing worn on one of the transmission gears
  • clutch plates heavily rusted
  • distributor missing parts including advance mechanism
  • wrong handle bar
  • portion of head ground away so that copper gasket (between head and barrel) would not seal
  • internal bolt fused to engine case
  • ball race in steering column pitted
  • flywheel bushing worn

Crack in frame - hole drilled to stop spread

Crack in engine mount - to be welded

Glenn grinding off rough spots on after engine mount weld

Frame crack welded and grounded - ready for powder coating

Lower ball race in steering column - pitted - needs smoothing

original piston - replaced with .040-over

barrel re-bored to 0.040-over

new valve guides, valve seats recut, oil ports moved - pressed in sleeves

original rusty wheel hub

old and new stanchions

ball race smoothed using lathe

head had been ground using dremel - need to fix copper gasket

new piston - domed for 9:1 compression ratio

copper gasket made to fit tweaked head