Andrew Moravcsik


Professor of Politics and International Affairs
  and Director, European Union Program
Princeton University

E-mail: amoravcs@princeton.edu
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Department of Politics
Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Robertson Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544 USA

Tel: (609) 258-1161



Articles and Papers on Methods
Presentations and Guides on Methods
Other Documents


Graduate Qualitative Methods Training in Political Science: A Disciplinary Crisis,PS: Political Science & Politics https://doi.org/10.1017/S1049096519001719 (forthcoming in print, 2020) (with Cassandra V. Emmons).

Transparency in Qualitative Research,” Sage Research Methods Foundations (October 2019).

Colin Elman, Diana Kapiszewski, Andrew Moravcsik and Sebastian Karcher, “A Guide to Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI),” Version 1.0 (December 2017).

Qualitative Transparency: Pluralistic, Humanistic and Policy Relevant,” International History and Politics APSA Section Newsletter (Winter 2016). And response by Jeffrey Isaac, "In Praise of Transparency, But Not of DA-RT," in the same journal. For the complete journal, click here.

One Norm, Two Standards: Realizing Transparency in Qualitative Political Science,” The Political Methodologist 22:1 (Fall 2014).

Trust, but Verify: The Transparency Revolution and Qualitative International Relations,Security Studies 23:4 (2014), pp. 663-688.

Transparency: The Revolution in Qualitative Political SciencePS (January 2014).

"Did Power Politics Cause European Integration? Realist Theory Meets Qualitative Methods," Security Studies 22:4 (2013).

"Active Citation and Qualitative Political Science," Qualitative & Multi-Method Research 10:1 (Spring 2012).

Charles de Gaulle and Europe: The New Revisionism,” Journal of Cold War Studies 14:1 (Winter 2012).

"Active Citation: A Precondition for Replicable Qualitative Research," PS: Political Science and Politics 43(1) (January 2010).


"'Trust, but Verify': What the Digital and Transparency Revolutions in Social Science Mean for You" (Presentation at Institute on Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, Syracuse University, 2016).

"'Trust, but Verify': What the Digital and Transparency Revolutions in Social Science Mean for You" (Presentation at the 2015 University of Chicago - Peking University Summer Institute on International Relations Theory and Method, August 2015).

“Qualitative Transparency: The Coming Revolution in Political Science” (Presentation at Georgetown University, 13 January 2015)

"Example of an Active Citation about Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" (Methodological Memo, Princeton 2014).

"The Revolution in Qualitative Methods: Active Citation" (A PowerPoint Presentation on Digitalized Citation) at Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (December 2013).

Contact author for previous presentations at Midwest Political Science Association, Syracuse Institute on Qualitative and Mixed Methods, and American Political Science Association.

"How to Create Active Citations Using LaTeX" (May 16, 2012) (with Alexander Lanoszka).

Methodological Memo: How to Create Active Citations Using MSWord” (March 2012).


For the joint statement of political science journals setting forth the content of qualitative and quantitative transparency standards, and a list of the journals that have agreed to adopt them starting on 1 January 2016, see “The (DA-RT) Data Access and Research Transparency Joint Statement,” at http://dartstatement.org/.

"Changes to the American Political Science Association Ethics Guide on Data Access, Production Transparency, and Analytic Transparency," This document was reprinted in PS (January 2014).

"A Guide to Active Citation" (August 2013) (Qualitative Data Repository (QDR)).

"A Guide to Sharing Qualitative Data" (August 2013) (Qualitative Data Repository (QDR)).

"Guidelines for Data Access and Research Transparency for Qualitative Research in Political Science," (APSA Committee Document, April 2013).

"Expanding Public Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research" (Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House, 22 February 2013).

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