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Lichen II
Amy Morton

The Fly Show
Matthieu Coppey

Color Patterns of an Iron Extraction Time Series
Andrew Altevogt

Ashwin C. Atre 09

Optical Hyperspace
Zubin Jacob GS

Soap in Motion
Steffen Berg and Sandra M. Troian

Lounge Chair (Image 4)
Emmet Truxes 06

Blue Indentation
Elizabeth Allaway 07, Ryan Rimmele 07, Richard Li 07, Nate Beck 06, and George Scherer

Lounge Chair (Image 1)
Emmet Truxes 06

Cryptic Coalition
Trond H. Larsen GS

Jane M. Woodruff

Defense to Offense
Trond H. Larsen GS

Molecular Diversity I
Fan (Helen) Yu 08

Soap Film Hurricane
Steffen Berg and Sandra Troian

Lucy: Scale Space
Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Above the Fray
Keith Morton GS

Fjord Wake
Michael J. Burin

Keith Morton GS

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