Miscellany of Works on
Probabilistic Thinking

  1. Subjective Probability (The Real Thing) by Richard Jeffrey.
    Published, April 2004, by Cambridge University Press.
  2. Agreeing to Disagree
    by Matthias Hild, Richard Jeffrey, and Mathias Risse
  3. Further Illustrations of the Bayesian Solution of Duhem's Problem by Jon Dorling
  4. Petrus Hispanus Lectures by Richard Jeffrey
  5. Preference Aggregation After Harsanyi
    by Matthias Hild, Richard Jeffrey and Mathias Risse
  6. I was a Teenage Logical Positivist by Richard Jeffrey
  7. Epistemology Probabilized by Richard Jeffrey
  8. Revenge of Wolfman: A Probabilistic Explication of Full Belief by Jonathan Roorda
  9. Apocalypse Not Just Now by Mark Greenberg
  10. Probability Kinematics and Commutativity by Carl G. Wagner
  11. Richard Jeffrey, Curriculum Vitae
  12. The Richard C. Jeffrey Papers, archived at the University of Pittsburgh.
  13. Conference: A session "Remembering Jeffrey" at the 2003 Wittgenstein conference.
    The papers at the session were:
    • Patrick Suppes: Introduction
    • Richard Bradley: Radical Probabilism and Mental Kinematics
    • Jim Joyce: Jeffrey on Newcomb Problems and Causal Reasoning
    • Mathias Risse: The General Will, Group Decision Theory, and Indeterminacy
    The web site for the conference is http://www.uni-konstanz.de/ppm/kirchberg.
  14. IN MEMORY OF RICHARD JEFFREY: Three articles in Philosophy of Science, 73.5, December 2006, from the 2004 Philosophy of Science Meetings in Austin.