Paul W. Cuff – Research Group

Ph.D. Students



  • National Science Foundation

    • CCF-1350595, “CAREER: Digital Encoding of Information Signals for Security with Limited Resources” (2014-2019, $450,000)

    • CCF-1116013, “Causal Secrecy: A Theoretical Basis for Secrecy of Signals” (2011-2015, $490,000)

  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research

    • FA9550-15-1-0180, “Performance-based Security for Encoding of Information Signals” (2015-2018, $360,000)

    • FA9550-12-1-0196, “Provable Security of Communication for Protecting Information Flow in Distributed Systems” (2012-2015, $450,000)

Weekly Meetings

Meetings are Tuesdays at 4:30pm in B327. The calendar below is updated with special presentations and meeting cancellations.