Newly Acquired Optical Print Shows 18th-Century Booksellers

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This engraving was designed by Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801) to emphasize architectural perspective, so that when it was viewed through the lens of a zograscope the picture would appear to have great depth and dimension. Probst was famous for this kind of print, known as Vue d’Optique print or perspective print, and his Augsburg workshop produced more than 300 views, usually with captions in four languages.

The scene includes book binders, book illustrators, and book sellers juxtaposed with classical allegorical figures. Note in particular the ship in the distant center, ready to carry the finished volumes out into the world.

Georg Balthasar Probst, Mercurius, Planetarum Quartus, Ejusque Influentia (Augsburg: n.p., n.d.). Hand-colored engraving. Graphic Arts collection, Princeton University Library. GA2007.03748

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i have a 40 year old litho
print of pisa by
george balthasra probst

anyone interested in it?