Norden's "Travels in Egypt and Nubia"

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Frederick Lewis Norden (1708-1742). Travels in Egypt and Nubia. First English edition. Translated from the original and enlarged with observations from ancient and modern authors by Peter Templeman (1711-1769). London: printed for Lockyer Davis and Charles Reymers, 1757. 159 full page engravings by Marcus Tuscher (1705-1751). Provenance: John Cleveland (1734-1817). Purchased with matching funds provided by Rare Books and Special Collections, Maps Division, Rare Books Division, and Graphic Arts Division.

The Danish Naval Captain and explorer, Frederick Norden sailed to Egypt in 1737-38 to surveyed the architecture, agriculture, and other curiosities of the country. He was the first European to penetrate as far as Derr in Nubia, and produced the first coherent maps of the country. Seventeen years later, long after Norden’s death, his maps and drawings were published by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, under order of Frederick V of Denmark, as Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie (1755). Two years later, the physician and naturalist Peter Templeman completed an English translation, which was published in two folio volumes.

Thanks to the combined resources of the Maps Division, Rare Books Division, and Graphic Arts Division of Rare Books and Special Collections, Norden’s seminal work in now part of the Princeton University Library collection.

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I wonder if you could please help. I have in my possesion an original of these set of books.
volume the fourth.
it is in fairly good condition although I wouldnt like to open some of the pictures inside incase I tear the pages, could you please advise something about this book.
many thanks