William Penn, Extra Illustrated


Samuel M. Janney (1801-1880), The Life of William Penn. 2nd ed. (Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1853). 208 engravings. Graphic Arts GAX 2009- in process

This single-volume biography originally published in 1852, has been extra illustrated with 208 additional engravings bound into a three-volume set. The prints include portraits of William Penn (1644-1718), his colleagues and contemporaries, and the landmarks from his life story.

The earliest print in this set is a portrait of Penn at age twenty-two, posed in armor for his father, an admiral in the Royal Navy. Penn never joined the military but instead joined the Religious Society of Friends, later known as the Quakers. He petitioned Charles II, King of England, and received a grant of land in America, north of Maryland. Penn suggested naming his territory Sylvania but the King wanted to honor Penn and so we call this area Pennsylvania.


Could anyone please tell me how rare it would be to locate a first edition of this book,dated 1852.I have not been able to locate one.I see a few major libraries have a copy but nothing for sale, thanks

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