Happy 250th Birthday "Tristram Shandy," vol. 3, usually p. 169

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Laurence Sterne insisted on including a sheet of marbled paper within his novel Tristram Shandy, hand-set into volume three, usually p. 169. He called the paper “the motly emblem of my work.” Of the 4,000 copies of the first edition published, Princeton University owns seven, each issued in nine volumes from 1759-1767. Volume three, Shandy is born, came in 1761.


Rare Books (Ex) 3943.7.391 v.1-9
Rare Books (Ex) 3943.7.391.11 v.1-9
Rare Books (Ex) 3943.7.391.12 v.1-9
Rare Books: William H. Scheide Library (WHS) 25.2.11-19 vol.1-9
Rare Books: Robert H. Taylor Collection (RHT) 18th-563 vol.1-9
Rare Books: Robert H. Taylor Collection (RHT) 18th-555 vol.1-9
Rare Books: Robert H. Taylor Collection (RHT) 18th-562 vol.1-9


To celebrate this occasion, 169 artists and writers have created a one page emblem of themselves, now in the exhibition The Emblem of My Work, at Shandy Hall, Coxwold, UK (see: www.emblemofmywork169.blogspot.com). For better or worse, it’s up to you and me to match the name of the artist or writer to his or her work. Can you match the emblem to the artist?

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Glad to know that Tristram Shandy's birthday is being celebrated in Princeton. I am sure Sterne would be extremely happy.
Visitors to Emblem of My Work blogspot might like to know that there are links to all the artists/writers who have taken part and all the works are for sale by auction. So glad to see other examples of the enigmatic page 169 on your site

Curator Shandy Hall