Barcode Flipbook by Scott Blake

Scott Blake, Barcode Warhol: Flipbook (Omaha: Blake, 2011). Graphic Arts GAX 2011- in process


We recently acquired a flipbook from barcode artist Scott Blake. The tiny book features a portrait of Andy Warhol (1928-1987), created with the barcodes from Campbell’s soup cans. There’s also a portrait of Madonna created with the barcodes from her albums and a portrait of Oprah Winfrey made up of barcodes from the books in her book club. See more:

A wall-size mural of Elvis Presley was made of 2,400 bar codes. “It’s all the bar codes from Elvis CDs,” Blake said, “I go on the Internet and use sites like Amazon and Google and I type in the word ‘Elvis’ and it gives all that UPC data for free. If you scan each bar code on Elvis’ face, it plays a song or a clip from”

Blake’s website, includes a video clip from an ABC News interview a few years ago, along with a barcode clock.


Thanks for showing an interest in my flipbooks. I'd like to donate some additional flipbooks to the Princeton Library. If you are interested please email directions how I can send in some free samples to your collection. It is an honor to be part of such a prestigious university.

You might also be interested in my augmented reality Campbell's Soup interface that goes with my Barcode Andy Warhol portrait.