Cinématographe Jouet


“For some months, the latest craze on the vaudeville stage has been the vitascope, which I think is invented by Edison. At any rate, it is known by his name. It is practically a kinetoscope enlarged and the instantaneous pictures thrown upon a screen.”

” …This week a still newer development of this has been shown at one of the music halls, having come from France. This is known by the name of cinematographe and was perfected in the great photographic laboratory of Messrs. Lumiere, in Lyons. The remarkable feature about it is that the figures not only go through the action, as in the kinetoscope, but appear and disappear, walk, run, and grow smaller or larger, as seen in perspective or near by.” — Esther Singleton, “Life in Picture Films: Wonders of the Cinematographe Shown in Gotham’s Hall. Out Does the Kinetoscope” Washington Post July 5, 1896, p. 12.


It was on December 28, 1895 that the Lumière Cinématographe opened commercially in Paris. Soon after a home-version was developed and the Graphic Arts Collection is fortunate to have recently acquired one.

Le Cinématographe Jouet [Cinématographe toy], ca. 1900. Original paper box and toy. Graphic Arts Collection 2012- in process. Rolls of images include the dancer, the acrobats, the cooks, the boxers, and the fencers. Box label in French, English, and German.




It looks magnificence, I wonder how it works. Is it some kinds of Kinetoscope?

Such a magnificent piece of work, I so wonder how it can be invented and still worked for such a longtime like that cause it only a paper. So is it some kind of Kinetoscope? Thank you.