Voyage d'un âne dans la planète Mars

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Gabriel Liquier (1843-1887), Voyage d’un âne dans la planète Mars (The Journey of a Donkey on the Planet Mars) (Genève: Lith. Excoffier, 1867). All lithography.
Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2013- in process

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Born in Anduze, Liquier studied theology and spent three years as a minister in Ardèche before moving to Paris and changing careers. He went on to publish both images and texts, sometimes using the pseudonyms “Trick” and later, “Trock” for his caricatures.

Liquier was only twenty-four, studying in Geneva, when he created this cartoon book about a donkey traveling to Mars, a satire on both Geneva politics and the French. Of particular note is his early use of the cartoon cell and progressive narrative, not unlike the early work of Rudolph Töpffer (1799-1846).

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Quelle chance d'être tombé sur ce rare album ! Puis-je vous demander où vous l'avez déniché et à quel prix ?

Merci !