After 60 Years Graphic Arts Rooms Close 1953-2013


The Princeton University Library Chronicle summer 1953 issue reported, “Elmer Adler, Curator of the Graphic Arts Collection since its establishment in 1940, retired on July 1, 1952 and was succeeded by Gillett G. Griffin. Before Mr. Adler’s retirement, the collection was moved, in May and June, from 3 University Place to rooms on the second floor of the Firestone Library.”

“During the past year,” the article continued, “a series of exhibits was arranged in the Graphic Arts Room by M. Griffin. …, an undergraduate print lending program was established with ‘overwhelming success,’ …and a printing press was presented to the graphic Arts Collection by the Princeton University Press in honor of Elmer Adler.”

Today, almost sixty years to the date, the graphic arts rooms on the second floor have been closed and the collection moved to various vaults around the building. The sun may be shining outside, but it is a sad day for those of us who remember all the wonderful events that took place in these rooms. My sincere thanks to all those who helped with today’s move. Please join me in saying goodbye to a beautiful space.



Why did they have to close it? That seems shortsighted.

What a shame! Those rooms were inspirational, not only on special occasions but also on ordinary weekdays when I was privileged to work or visit there. Here's to the curators and staff who made the Graphic Arts Collection such an extraordinary place!