PHI 201, Introductory Logic

Lecture and Assignment Schedule

Last updated: Wed, May 17, 2006.

Tue, Feb 7

Topics: Course mechanics; what is symbolic logic all about?

Thu, Feb 9

Topics: Validity and sentence structure; elementary extraction of logical structure

Homework 0

Tue, Feb 14

Reading: Stage 1 inference rules handout
Topics: Stage 1 inference rules

Thu, Feb 16

Topics: Stage 1 inference rules

Homework 1

Tue, Feb 21

Reading: Lemmon pp 1-18
Topics: Not enough inference rules; how to prove conditional statements; dependency numbers; rule of assumptions

Thu, Feb 23

Reading: Lemmon pp 18-40
Topics: How to reject a statement; what use is a disjunction?

Homework 2

Tue, Feb 28

Reading: Lemmon pp 41-49
Topics: Do we have all the valid arguments?; truth tables

Thu, Mar 2

Reading: Lemmon pp 64-74
Topics: Testing for validity

Homework 3

Tue, Mar 7

Topics: Semantic properties and relations of sentences; statement of soundness and completeness theorems; issues of vocabulary (Note: There is no reading from the Lemmon book this week)

Thu, Mar 9

Topics: Intermediate translation; truth functionality; truth functional completeness, other connectives

Revised: No Homework this week

Tue, Mar 14

Exam review

Thu, Mar 16


SPRING BREAK: March 18-26

Tue, Mar 28

Reading: Lemmon pp 92-102
Topics: Inadequacy of the propositional calculus; elementary translation into predicate logic

Thu, Mar 30

Reading: Lemmon pp 104-116
Topics: The universal and existential quantifiers

Homework 4 and Homework 5

Tue, Apr 4

Reading: Lemmon pp 117-127
Topics: Predicate calculus proofs

Thu, Apr 6

Reading: Lemmon pp 128-137
Topics: Predicate calculus proofs

Homework 6

Tue, Apr 11

Reading: Semantics for predicate logic handout
Topics: Formal counterexamples for predicate logic

Thu, Apr 13

Reading: Same as previous lecture
Topics: Decision procedures for monadic predicate logic

Homework 7

Tue, Apr 18

Reading: None
Topics: Counterexamples for polyadic predicate logic

Thu, Apr 20

Reading: None
Topics: Translation and polyadic predicates

Homework 8

Tue, Apr 25

Reading: Lemmon pp 138-158
Topics: Substitution instances

Thu, Apr 27

Reading: Lemmon pp 159-167
Topics: Very fun translations

Homework 9 (final homework assignment)

Tue, May 2

Reading: Lemmon pp 75-91
Topics: Soundness and completeness of the propositional calculus

Thu, May 4

Reading: None
Topics: Soundness and completeness of the propositional calculus

Homework 10 [CANCELED]

Fri, May 19 (1:30pm): FINAL EXAM in McCosh Hall 10.