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Disciple Satsang

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Just Breathe: A Mindfulness Workshop (Part 1)
Sunday, December 11, from 5:00-6:30PM
Murray-Dodge Hall, Room 22

Mindfulness is a meditative process that quiets the mind and eases physical distress. It can enable us to pay attention to our experiences with greater acceptance. This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to slow down in this fast-paced setting and to experience the wonders of positive emotions and resilience. Dinner is included.

Facilitated by Shefalika Gandhi, LCSW, & Vineet Chander, Coordinator for Hindu Life.

Sponsored by University Health Services, the Princeton Hindu Satsangam, and the Hindu Life Program.

Just Breathe: A Mindfulness Workshop (Part 2)
Tuesday, December 13, from 5:00-6:30PM
Location TBA

Mindfulness is a meditative process that quiets the mind and eases physical distress. It can enable us to pay attention to our experiences with greater acceptance. This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to slow down in this fast-paced setting and to experience the wonders of positive emotions and resilience. Dinner is included.

Facilitated by Shefalika Gandhi, LCSW, & Vineet Chander, Coordinator for Hindu Life.

Sponsored by University Health Services, the Princeton Hindu Satsangam, and the Hindu Life Program.

Sacred Texts: A Hindu-Christian Dialogue
Tuesday, December 13, at 6:30PM
Location TBA

Join members of the Princeton Hindu Satsangam and Manna as we learn more about one another's beliefs and practices by examining two books that help to shape our faiths. Presentations on the Bible by David Kim and on the Bhagavad Gita by Rasanath Das. Dinner is included. Please RSVP to hindu@princeton.edu if you would like to attend.

Sponsored by Princeton Hindu Satsangam and Manna Christian Fellowship.

Finding God in the Questions: From Wall Street to the Ashram
Thursday, December 15, from 4:30-6:00PM
Murray-Dodge Hall, West Room

Rasanath Das walked away from a promising career as an investment banker on Wall Street to pursue his calling as a Hindu monk. Today, his journey comes full circle as he leads meditation sessions during Occupy Wall Street and counsels bankers and brokers on how they can connect with their own spirituality. He candidly tells his story, and shares the joys and challenges of being an urban monastic.

Sponsored by the Princeton Office of Religious Life and Hindu Life Program.

weekly events

Weekly Satsangs
Every Sunday, from 5-6:30PM
Murray-Dodge Hall, 3rd Floor Interfaith Prayer Room

Satsangs will include activities such as meditation, discussion, film screenings, and bhajans, on a rotational basis. FREE vegetarian dinner is provided.

Bhagavad Gita Study Group
Every Wednesday, from 6-7PM
Murray Dodge Hall, Room 22

Please join Vineet Chander, Princeton's Coordinator of Hindu Life, for a lively exploration of contemporary issues through the lens of one of the worlds most sacred texts. All are welcome, no prior experience is necessary, and a FREE vegetarian dinner is provided. Sponsored by the ORL Hindu Life Program.

past events


Dec 1: Chai and Chaat. Join PHS for an evening of delicious Indian snacks and great conversation. Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones! Papdi chaat, pani puri, badam (almond) milk, and delicious masala chai from Infini-T Cafe will be served. Sponsored by Princeton Hindu Satsangam.

Nov 12: Diwali at the Chapel 2011. Please join us for Princeton University's fourth annual celebration of Diwali in the shared sacred space of the University Chapel. This event, co-hosted by the Office of Religious Life and the Princeton Hindu Satsangam, brings together students, faculty, staff, and guests from the wider community in a joyous and spiritual experience marking the Hindu Festival of Lights. This year's celebration features contributions from two Princeton perfroming arts groups -- Tarana and Naacho -- as well as Princeton students, faculty members, and invited performers. The evening features the offering of diya candles, devotional music and dance, and traditional worship. This year's celebration features Princeton Tarana, Naacho, and special guests.

Sep 16: Being Hindu @ Princeton. Join us for games, delicious Bent Spoon ice cream, and a lively discussion by members of Princeton Hindu Satsangam about our spiritual journeys at Princeton. Students of all faiths welcome! Sponsored by Princeton Hindu Satsangam and the Hindu Life Program.


Apr 27: Jhumpa Lahiri, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the Interpreter of Maldies and The Namesake, joined us for a reading from her ongoing literary work. This event was part of the Althea Ward Clark W '21 Reading Series hosted by the Lewis Center for the Arts and also featured poet Cathy Park Hong and student reader Abigail Bowman.

Apr 19: Two worlds beautifully collide as Dr. Cornel West (Class of 1943 Professor at Princeton University and acclaimed author and speaker) and His Holiness Radhanath Swami (Bhakti Yoga master, director of the Radha-Gopinath Ashram, and acclaimed author and speaker) sit down together and share their thoughts on the Divine, the mysteries of love, and the role that spirituality plays in activism. Deeply heartfelt and soulful, they will each discuss personal transformation, by drawing upon their own amazing journeys and candidly sharing the lessons they learned along the way. 

Apr 8: Curious about the philosophy behind yoga? Like so many other spiritual traditions yoga has evolved and grown through centuries of evolution. Embark on an historical tour of yoga philosophy, culminating with the revolutionary vision of the Tantric Tradition, a form of yogic philosophy. In this stimulating workshop you will: •Gain a deeper understanding of the key differences of the primary time periods in the evolution of yoga. •Contemplate the unique Tantric concepts of ultimate freedom, self-awarness, the power of community, auspiciousness, and the play of concealment and revelation. •Explore the role of desire, the ego, illusion, and natures intelligent pulsation. •Cultivate practical tools to skillfully take back into the inquiry of day-to-day living. Led by Danny Arguetty, a yoga teacher from Kripalu.

Mar 24: More than ten million Americans today practice yoga, but far fewer can define it. A spiritual discipline? The latest fitness craze? A Hindu practice? A billion-dollar industry? What is YOGA... and who gets to decide? A panel of experts, including some of the key players in the debate, joined us for a thoughtful but spirited exploration of the complexities and tensions surrounding the relationship between yoga and mainstream America: Dr. Edwin Bryant (Professor at Rutgers University, and translator of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali); Dr. Virginia Cowen (Professor at CUNY and board member of the Yoga Alliance); Sheetal Shah (senior director of the Hindu American Foundation and author of HAF's controversial "Take Back Yoga" campaign); Edwin Stern (founder-director of Ashtanga Yoga NY, editor of Nama Rupa magazine, and senior disciple of yoga master K. Pattabi Jois); and Tara Stiles (founder of Strala Yoga, yoga columnist for Women's Health magazine, and personal yoga teacher of Deepak Chopra).

Dec 9: Guest Speaker Edward Luve, the Washington Bureau Chieg of the Financial Times, drew from his acclaimed book, "In Spite of the Gods", to examine the complex role that religion has played in the shaping of India. Co-sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson School and the South Asian Studies Program.

Dec 4: "The Yoga of Cooking". Master Ayurvedic chef Nalini Mehta explained how cooking can be about nourishment on all levels - physical, mental, and spiritual. Co-sponsored by the Princeton Animal Welfare Society.

Nov 22: "Of Balance and Being". A special guest speaker candidly shared his expeirences reconciling his faith and sexual orientation. Co-sponsored by the University's LGBT Center.

Nov 20: Field trip to the NJ Performing Arts Center to an exciting blend of theater and music with Indian martial arts (kalaripayatum), classical dance (bharatanatyam), and yoga.

Nov 13: Diwali at the Chapel. Guests from Princeton and the wider community joined for the University's celebration of one of Hinduism's most beloved holidays. Featured a workshop service, reading from sacred texts, spiritual singing, classical dance, and offerings of love and devotion.

Oct 29 - 31: "Kartik: a Fall Break Spiritual Retreat". An overnight spiritual getaway to the beautiful Seva Retreat Center in nearby Philadelphia for immersion in yoga, mediation, nature hikes, and the company of old and new friends.

Oct 23: "3 Idiots" Study Break Movie Night

Oct 21: Pixar Animation artist Sanjay Patel spoke about his book "RAMAYANA: Divine Loophole" and using one's art to re-tell and personalize a spiritual epic.

Oct 9: Navratri Garba Festival. Co-sponsored by Rutgers University's Hindu Students Council.

Oct 1: Swami Mukundananda, an IIT graduate and renowned spiritual leader, shed light on the intersection of spiritual wisdom and the scientific world.

Sep 25: "The Yoga of Dancing". Can dance be an expression of devotion? Rahul Acharya, one of the world's foremost classical Indian dance masters, held a workshop demonstrating the overlap between dance and yoga.

Sep 20: Chai & Chaat. Fun and casual get together with a discussion on being Hindu.

Sep 18: Ganesh Puga - Celebration of the Lord of New Beginnings before the start of the academic year.


Dec 12: Why do we call ourselves Hindu?

Dec 9: The Journey Home: Book Reading and Talk by Radhanath Swami

Dec 5: Continued discussion on "Who is a Hindu?" continued from last week

Nov 21: Bhajans and an interesting discussion led by Vishal Chanani '11 on "Who is a Hindu?"

Nov 14: First Annual Diwali-at-the-Chapel

Nov 13: Sacred Sounds at Princeton University with the Mayapuris

Nov 13: WWS Floating Candle Project and reflection with the University community

Oct 24: Bhajan Satsang to release stress and connect to the Divine in an intimate setting through offerings of songs

Oct 17: Diwali Puja and celebration with lunch

Oct 10: Trip to Garba festival at Ukrainian Cultural Center in Somerset, NJ

Oct 10: Field trip to the Princeton University Art Museum led by Sandeep Raj '11 and discussion of select Hindu and Buddhist-influenced art work

Oct 3: Discussion led by Rahul Subramaniam '11 on the nature of consciousness with a special focus on eminent Indian scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose's research

Sep 26: Ganesh Puja to usher in the semester

Sep 19: Ice cream social to welcome new members and welcome back old members

May 8: PHS End-of-Year Party

May 2: Trip to the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Bridgewater, NJ

Apr 17: Chai and Chat for Pre-Frosh

Mar 28 - Apr 5: Hinduism in the 21st Century: A week of Awareness and Celebration

Nov 3 - Nov 9: "The Festival of Lights": A Weeklong Celebration of Diwali.

Oct 4: Navratri Garba at Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, NJ

Sep 21: Inter-faith Iftar dinner. Co-sponsored by PHS and the Muslim Students Association.

Sep 14: Ganesh Puja. A do-it-yourself Puja to Lord Ganesha to remove all obstacles in our paths as we start a new academic year.

Sep 10: Freshman social


May 9: Visit to the Venkateswara temple in Bridgewater.

Apr 4: Vegetarian banquet.

Apr 2: Talk on Upanishads and their relevance today by Dr. Mahendra Jani of Vivekananda Vidyapith, Wayne, NJ

Mar 31: Demonstration of Indian classical dance by Kalaa.

Apr 1: Henna and Chai study brea.

Mar 30: Saraswati Puja marks the beginning of the 2008 Hinduism Week

Mar 30 - Apr 5: Hinduism Week 2008. A weeklong series of events celebrating Hindu thought and culture.

Mar 2: A Shivaratri Puja marks the occasion of Shivaratri.

Dec 9: Visit to the Durga Mandir in South Brunswick.

Dec 7: Henna Night. PHS and the Muslim Students' Association jointly organized a Henna night study break with Henna by professional artists and Indian and Mediterannean food. Co-sponsored by th Program in South Asian Studies.

Nov 11: Diwali Puja. A Puja to Goddess Lakshmi was performed to celebrate Diwali.

Nov 10: Rangoli afternoon in the Chapel courtyard. Rangoli is a form of sand painting or floor painting with wet colors, traditionally performed during Diwali.

Nov 9: SASA Diwali-Eid banquet. The Diwali-Eid banquet hosted by SASA is an annual tradition celebrating the two autumn festivals of South Asia. Co-sponsored by PHS.

Oct 13: Trip to a Garba in Armory in Philadelphia to celebrate Navaratri.

Sep 16: Ganesh Puja and Open House.


May 6: A trip to the Sri Venkateswara Teample in Bridgewater, NJ

Apr 15: Holi celebration, organized by SASA and sponsored by PHS

Apr 14: "The Ramayana". Kalaa, Princeton's Indian Classical Dance Troupe presents a Bharatanatyam Dance Drama that showcased the dance style, which character features in Kuchipudi and Western classical dance forms, to the music of Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain, and others. Co-sponsored by PHS.

Apr 13: "Sangam". SASA hosts a spring performing arts show, showcasing South Asian performing arts and culture, featuring various student groups such as Naacho, PSAT, Princeton Bhangra, Kalaa, Rutger Raag, Harvard Bhangra and Columbia Taal. Co-sponsored by PHS.

Apr 12: Bollywood Night - a celebration of South Asian pop culture. Presented by SASA. Co-sponsored by PHS.

Apr 11: Yoga and Meditation session taught by certified instructors from the Art of Living Foundation.

Apr 10: "Peace or Perish: There is no other choice". Keynote lecture delivered by renowned international Hindu leader Dada JP Vaswani, introduced by Shashi Tharoor, Under Secretary-General of the UN. Dada Vaswani's book by the same title was launched on that occasion. Sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson School, the Religious Life Council, and Princeton Hindu Satsangam. Media coverage: 12.

Apr 8: "Two Songs for Kali". An interactive discussion on medieval Hindu poetry led by Professor Benjamin Baer, Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature.

Dec 3: Durga Mandir Trip

Oct 22: Diwali Puja

Oct 6: Garba Trip

Sep 17: Ganesh Puja


May 7: A trip to the Sri Venkateswara Teample in Bridgewater, NJ

Apr 24: Swami Tadatmananda Saraswati, a well-known scholar of Hinduism, spoke on "The Philosophy of Adi Shankara" as part of the Sankara Jayanti celebrations hosted by PHS. The event honored the birthday of Sri Adi Shankara, one of the most influential thinkers in the HIndu spiritual tradition. Tadatmananda, one of few Westerners initiated into a traditional Hindu monastic order, is a resident teacher of Sanskrit and Vedanta at the Arsha Bodha Center in Somerset, NJ.