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"Experimental study of inequality and unpredictability in an artificial cultural market."
Matthew J. Salganik, Peter S. Dodds, and Duncan J. Watts.
Science, 311:854-856, 2006.

"Leading the herd astray: An experimental study of self-fulfilling prophecies in an artificial cultural market."
Matthew J. Salganik and Duncan J. Watts.
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"Web-based experiments for the study of collective social dynamics in cultural markets."
Matthew J. Salganik and Duncan J. Watts.
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All of the data collected during the Music Lab project are now publically available in anonymized form. The data can be downloaded from the data archive of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University.

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The Music Lab project involved Matthew Salganik, Peter Dodds, and Duncan Watts. We had important help from Peter Hausel who developed the website, Jason Booher-Jennings who assisted with design work, and Alison Binkowski who maintained the website. This project fits into the broader context of the research done by the Collective Dynamics Group which is lead by Prof. Watts.


We would like thank Aaron Cohen, Brynn Thomas, and Daniel Arnold from Bolt Media for their help recruiting subjects. We would also like thank the National Science Foundation, the McDonnell Foundation, and Legg Mason Funds for supporting this research. Finally, a big thanks to all the bands for letting us use their music.