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Graduate Students MSA

While the of the Graduate Student branch of Princeton's MSA (henceforth, GMSA) remains the same as the Princeton MSA, the social and spiritual needs of Princeton's undergraduate and graduate students are often considerably different. Graduate students not only have different activity interests and scheduling commitments, but their year-round schedule also makes it imperative to ensure that activities and religious services are properly scheduled and organized throughout the year. While both Grad and Undergrad MSAs intend to work closely together in planning many events, each group will be able to tailor specific programs to suit the particular needs of both the undergraduate and graduate communities. As a result, the GMSA aims to supplement, not replace, the MSA's role in the lives of Princeton's graduate students, while planning programs that the entire community as a whole can benefit from. Our events will be sent out to the GMSA list as well as listed on the events page of this website. You may also add our events to your calendar at our Google Calendar Page. To join the GMSA mailing list, simply join the GMSA Google Group.