Medicare's Prospective Payment System: Strategies for Evaluating Cost, Quality, and Medical Technology

NTIS order #PB86-184926

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Full Report ~2596K
Front Matter ~44K
Table of Contents ~35K

1: Introduction and Summary ~189K

Part One: A Framework for Evaluation
2: Predicted Effects of Medicare's Prospective Payment System ~230K
3: Preliminary Evidence of the Impacts of PPS ~165K
4: Issues in Designing an Evaluation of PPS ~55K

Part Two: Critical PPS Impact Areas
5: Expenditures and Costs ~152K
6: Quality of Care ~194K
7: Access to Health Care ~161K
8: Technological Change ~212K
9: Clinical Research ~130K

Part Three: Evaluation Strategies
10: Current PPS Evaluation Activities ~152K
11: Strategies for Evaluating PPS Impacts ~45K

A: Method of the Study ~21K
B: Acknowledgments and Health Program Advisory Committee ~18K
C: Major Population-Based Health Care Surveys ~107K
D: Major Databases Covering the Availability of Health Care Services ~33K
E: Medicare Part A Data Systems ~37K
F: Sources of Data on Aggregate Measures of Technological Change ~85K
G: Alternative Patient Classification Systems ~72K
References ~666K