Losing a Million Minds: Confronting the Tragedy of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias

NTIS order #PB87-183752

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Full Report ~11527K
Front Matter ~44K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: Dementia: Prospects and Policies ~1277K
2: Characteristics of Persons With Dementia ~937K
3: The Diseases: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Scientific Background ~1438K
4: The Family ~414K
5: Making Decisions for Those With Dementia ~267K
6: Long-Term Care Services and Settings: An Introduction ~475K
7: Programs and Services That Specialize in the Care of Persons With Dementia ~1899K
8: Patient Assessment and Eligibility for Services ~1105K
9: Personnel and Training ~600K
10: Quality Assurance in Long-Term Care: Special Issues for Patients With Dementia ~1859K
11: Medicaid and Medicare as Sources of Funding for Long-Term Care of Persons With Dementia ~491K
12: Financing Long-Term Care for Persons With Dementia ~315K
13: Basic Biomedical Research Policy ~335K

A: The Characteristics of Nursing Home Residents with Dementia ~49K
B: Contractors and workshop Participants ~28K
C: Major Contracts Written for OTA and where They Can Be Obtained ~21K
D: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~74K
Index ~156K