New Developments in Biotechnology: U.S. Investment in Biotechnology

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Full Report ~7039K
Front Matter ~40K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: Summary, Policy Issues, and Options for Congressional Action ~476K
2: Introduction and Overview ~149K
3: Federal Funding of Biotechnology Research and Development ~209K
4: Biotechnology in the States ~414K
5: U.S. Commercial Biotechnology ~342K
6: Factors Affecting Commercialization and Innovation in Biotechnology ~142K
7: University-Industry Research Arrangements in Biotechnology ~356K
8: Training and Personnel Needs in Biotechnology ~1153K
9: Investment in Biotechnology Applied to Human Therapeutics ~2348K
10: U.S. Investment in Biotechnology Applied to Plant Agriculture ~833K
11: U.S. Investment in Biotechnology Applied To Hazardous Waste Management ~504K

A: Dedicated Biotechnology Companies(DBCs) by State ~54K
B: Major Corporations Investing in Biotechnology ~14K
C: Training and Education Initiatives in Biotechnology ~34K
D: Companies Involved in Biotechnology for Waste Degradation ~28K
E: List of working Papers ~7K
F: List of workshops and Participants ~17K
G: Acknowledgments ~14K
H: List of Acronyms and Glossary of Terms ~31K
Index ~108K