Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards: Appendix Volume II, Part Two

NTIS order #PB-275843

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Full Report ~3795K
Front Matter ~26K

VI: Dedicated Facilities
VI-A: Dedicated Facilities for the Production of Nuclear Weapons in Small and/or Developing Nations ~451K
VI-B: Level II Dedicated Facilities ~132K
VI-C: Electromagnetic Separation of Isotopes ~58K
VI-D: Uranium Laser Istope Separation and Nuclear weapons (Unclassified version) ~244K
VII: Purchase and Theft ~236K
VIII: Description of Safeguards Technology and Procedures ~920K

IX: International Controls
Table of Contents ~13K
IX-A: Purpose and Scope of the Report ~9K
IX-B: Introduction ~19K
IX-C: The IAEA and International Safeguards ~469K
IX-D: Euratom and Regional Safeguards ~53K
IX-E: Nuclear Suppliers Consultations ~151K
IX-F: Multinational and International Fuel Cycle Facilities ~107K
IX-G: Sanctions ~98K
Annexes ~967K