Medical Technology and the Costs of the Medicare Program

NTIS order #PB85-146215

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Table of Contents ~34K

1: Introduction and Summary ~213K
2: Medicare Policies Affecting Medical Technology ~230K
3: The Impact of Medical Technology on Medicare Costs ~280K
4: A Framework for Change ~32K
5: Specific Medical Technologies; Linking Coverage Policy and Technology Assessment To Contain Costs ~298K
6: Medicare Hospital Payment and Medical Technology ~191K
7: Medicare Physician Payment and Medical Technology ~162K
8: Alternative Approaches to Changing Incentives for Medical Technology Adoption and Use ~61K
9: Findings and Policy Options ~120K

A: Method of the Study and Case Studies ~17K
B: Acknowledgments and Health Program Advisory Committee ~13K
C: Selected Activities in Medical Technology Assessment ~199K
D: Selected Alternatives to Traditional Health Care Delivery ~337K
References ~715K
Index ~127K