Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology: A Clinical, Industrial, and Policy Analysis

NTIS order #PB85-146207

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Full Report ~1712K
Front Matter ~58K
Table of Contents ~51K

1: Introduction and Summary ~56K
2: NMR-Historical and Technical Background ~265K
3: Clinical Applications of NMR ~97K
4: The NMR Imaging Device lndustry ~311K
5: Hospital Costs and Strategies ~103K
6: History of Funding for NMR Research ~44K
7: Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration ~113K
8: Third-Party Payment Policies ~62K
9: State Certificate-of-Need Programs ~92K

A: NMR: Technical Background ~62K
B: Survey of Manufacturers: Methods ~7K
C: Manufacturers of NMR Imaging Devices ~82K
D: Glossary of Terms and Acronyms ~16K
E: Acknowledgments and Health Program Advisory Committee ~20K
References ~391K